Introduction: DIY Shamrock Pendant

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I first wanted to create a ring with recycled materials but while I was thinking about it, I had the idea on how to make this pendant.

It's really simple to make so don't worry if you are not able to weld, anybody can make it! All you need is metal wire, pliers and something to weld.

Step 1: Materials

To make this pendant, you need:

  • Metal wire
  • Round pliers
  • Flux paste
  • Solder wire
  • Micro gas welder
  • Necklace kit (jump rings, necklace...)
  • Polish
  • Dremel (optional)

Step 2: Make the First Two Leaves

In order to make the first two leaves of the shamrock, you need to give the shape of an eight to your wire.

So, cut a piece of wire and, using round pliers, make a loop. Grab the wire with your pliers and bend it on the opposite side of the loop that you previously made. This way you'll obtain an eight.
Close the loops so that you join the open parts together at the center. If necessary, cut the excess wire and flatten it using a hammer.

F.Y.I. my wire is a multi-purpose stainless steel iron wire 316 1.5 mm so it's not a wire made purposely for jewelry.

Step 3: Make the Third Leaf and Stem

When your first 2 leaves are finally ready, it's time to make the last leaf and the stem of the shamrock.

Cut another piece of wire and make a new loop (as seen in step 2) to create the upper leaf of the shamrock. Cut the wire where the two edges meet.

Slightly bend a piece of wire to create the stem.

At this point, the pieces that compose the shamrock are ready to be welded.

Step 4: Weld the Pieces Together

Compose the shamrock on a heat resistant surface (I used a marble tile) and, being very careful not to move the pieces, apply flux paste on the spots where they must be welded. Put two tiny pieces of solder wire on them.

To apply flux paste, I used a toothpick and placed the solder wire with tweezers.

There's nothing left to do but to weld the pieces together using a micro gas welder, or whatever you prefer to use to weld.

When you're done welding, cut the stem to the desired length and smooth the end so that its tip isn't sharp.

Step 5: Make Your Pendant Shine and You're Done!

Now it's time to polish your pendant. For a better result I polished it by hand first, then I used my Dremel.

Attach the pendant to the necklace using jump rings and pliers.Your new pendant is ready to be worn or given as a gift to someone special! :)

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