Introduction: DIY Sharpie Galaxy Shoes

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Sick of the same boring white shoes? Want something cool but you're not that good at drawing? These are fun and easy and they're something you can do right at home!


Step 1:

First step, you gather all your supplies. A pair of shoes, markers, rubbing alcohol, tape, white paint and brushes.

Step 2:

The next step in making these colorful creations is Taping. Tape of all the parts that you DO NOT want color on. I usually tape off the soles of the shoes and the area on top that is made of elastic material. Some canvas shoes have laces. I take them out as well so I can keep them white. Another thing you can do is color them with marker and soak them in a half cup of rubbing alcohol. They will come out a pastel version of whatever color you choose.

Step 3:

Time to color the shoes. Use various sharpie markers to color all over. Don't worry about covering the entire shoe with marker, in the next step, the colors will blend together and bleed into the not colored areas. I like to use various Blues, Purples, Pinks and Black for the Galaxy look. Sometimes, I also add teal or greens in some areas.

Step 4:

When you are satisfied with the amount of coverage on your shoe, grab the Rubbing Alcohol and head outside.

Step 5:

Cover the shoe with Rubbing Alcohol and watch the magic happen. The colors start to blend together on their own. Feel free to rub some of the areas in with your finger tips, it helps with the blending process.

Step 6:

Here's what the shoes look like before and after the Sharpie Marker and Rubbing Alcohol process. Next, color the other shoe with the same process as the first and then take it outside and cover it in rubbing alcohol.

Step 7:

Let the shoes dry overnight. Then, tomorrow its time to add the stars!

Step 8:

I like to use a thin brush to create a plus sign, then I add a small x in the center of the + sign. Next I dip my brush in white paint and splatter the paint all over the shoes. If you don't want to get your table all dirty you can lay down newspaper or do this step outside. Let the shoes dry overnight.

Step 9:

Remove the masking tape from the soles of the shoes and any other areas you covered.

Step 10:

Now, you can rock these DIY Galaxy Shoes anywhere!

Step 11:

Just a few supplies and a little bit of time and you'll be walking in style!

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