DIY- Shelf




Introduction: DIY- Shelf

For this shelf, I plan to create a flexible shelf that can be place horizontally and vertically.

Step 1: Choice of Material

Here are the materials I chose...

Pen/ Marker
Cutting pad
Glue for plastic
and a Flooring material which I got from Home Depot

Step 2: Choose Your Size

Now choose how big you want the shelf to be. 

Step 3: Start Cutting and Pasting

Now start to cut the plastic to the length you want

The dividers' length I used are:
12"x 4"
12"x 4.5"
12"x 5"
12"x 6"
12"x 8"

After cutting, glue them onto the 12"x 48" plastic, following the ascending length. Be very careful when you glue them on because when you flip the 12"x 48" plastic, it may not be perfectly lined up if it is not perpendicular. 

Step 4: Paste the Flooring Material

Since the plastic itself is too flexible and weak that it could hardly hold things properly, we are going to paste the flooring material which is more stable and firm and is able to hold the stuff.

This flooring material is already 12"x 12", so that you could simply paste it along the edge.

Then you are DONE!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    This is the start of a really good idea. The shape you've chosen is similar to a sunlounger, so why not use the shape and use the shelf space for storage, amplifier, speakers. An all in one game chair maybe.


    12 years ago on Step 4

    This instructable needs one more photograph.  The shelf in use.  You don't show how it is to be used.  Stand it up on the round end?  Just as it lays?  I don't understand.