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Introduction: DIY Shutter Towel Rack

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This DIY Shutter Towel Rack is an easy project to complete in a few hours. We used two garage sale find house plastic shutters and added some garden hooks and created some nice wall storage for our bathroom towels.  

This DIY Shutter Towel Rack is in our upstairs bathroom, which is primarily used as a guest bathroom.  We wanted a decorative but functional way to display and store bathroom towels, especially since the bathroom lacks some storage space.  

I decided I would make a piece that could be displayed as a wall hanging, but it would also double as a towel rack for our guests.  The result was functional and easy to build DIY Shutter towel rack that also looks wonderful!

Step 1: Materials to Build the DIY Shutter Towel Rack

To build the DIY Shutter Towel Rack you will need these materials:
-          Two plastic house shutters

-          Spray paint

-          8 big gardening hooks

-          Screw driver

-          Screws

-          Drill

-          2 pieces of 1X2

-          Nuts and bolts

-          Level

Step 2: Paint the Shutters

Spray paint the shutters (I found two old plastic ones at a garage sale) before you do anything, this will get all of the surfaces covered so there is no white showing through on your finished product.  I used Rust-Oleum® Universal Paint and Primer in One in a Hammered Brown.  I find that you may pay a little more for it, but it has a texture to it and it also sticks to any surface

Step 3: Attach the Two Shutters

Take the two painted shutters after they are dry and flip them over so the front is laying on your work surface.  Lay a 1x2 along the inside edge of each shutter.  Clip the two shutters with a clamp and drill four holes through the wood and the shutters and fasten them together with the nuts and bolts.  This will ensure the two shutters will stay connected as one unit.

Step 4: Attach the Garden Hooks That Will Hold the Towels

After the shutters are secured together flip them over so you can start putting on the garden hooks.  On the thick molding of the shutters place one hook on each side then, on the other shutter stagger where you put the other hooks so they aren’t right next to the hooks you just drilled in.  Keep doing this until you have four sets of hooks with two hooks on each molding.  Drill in the hooks after you have the hooks evenly spaced from one another.

Step 5: Hang the DIY Shutter Towel Rack on the Wall

Take the finished DIY Shutter Towel Rack into the bathroom you are going to hang it in and measure where you want to drill holes to hang the piece.  After measuring and making sure the piece is level, drill the holes into the wall that align with the shutter pins.  Hammer the shutter pins into the pre-drilled holes.  Your DIY Shutter Towel Rack is now ready to hang with towels.

Step 6: DIY Shutter Towel Rack - the Finished Product!

Place your rolled up towels into the hooks and enjoy your functional but decorative new DIY Shutter Towel

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    7 years ago

    That is so cool & original! I love it! Great way to upcycle too!