Introduction: DIY Oxidized Silver Clay Jewelry

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First of all, in this Insrtuctables , I am going to give some knowledge about Oxidised Silver Jewellery and will give an idea about how to make it artificially and I kept it so easy that the kids will enjoy to make this clay stuffs. As Oxidised Silver Jewellery itself cost a high and I really really love to wear Oxidised jewellery, then finally I got a way to recreate its look by using some simple and affordable materials.And I am pretty happy with the result, so I want it to write over here and I wish many people who love this art, will surly love this.Especially the kids who love to play with clays will surly love to make stuff for their kitty party and will get some ideas about their daily stuffs like hair accessories and all..

Before moving towards the project, I should give a little knowledge about the actual Oxidised Jewellery. Pure Silver is a very reactive metal.Its easily react with the atmospheric oxygen to form silver oxide which forms a black colour layer on pure Silver.Pure Silver due to reactivity is not suitable for Jewellery, because it gets tarnished easily by exposure. So sterling Silver is an alloy of 92.5% Silver and rest is copper. This Alloy does not get oxidised easily so thats the reason its is use for jewellery. And its cost is high for the Silver and its process though its outcomes are much beautiful.

Here I have recreate the look by using unused plastic bottle and air dry clay with some acrylic colours. So lets move to the project to learn the process and enjoy the vacation with handmade crafts.


1. Plastic Bottle

2. OHP Sheets : Amazon

3. Mouldit / Air Dry Clay : Amazon

4. Glue : Amazon

5. Acrylic colours : Amazon

6. Talcum Powder : Amazon

7. Tooth Pick : Amazon

Tools Used

1. Utility Knife : Amazon

2. Roller Pin : Amazon

3. Needle : Amazon

Step 1: Make a Bangle Base

First I wii give you the process of bangles. For that you have to take some used bangles as base. I did not have a wide surface bangle, so I have take two bangles and fix it together with glue.Yes, one thing you have to remember, You must take flat faced bangles, because round surface does not give that must flexibility to play.

Glue it together and let it to dry for some hours.

Step 2: Make a Die ( Step-1)

To make the base of the clay design , I have chosen to take plastic bottle sheets. For that I took a bottle and cut the flat surface of it with help of hobby knife or paper cutting knife. Instead of plastic bottle, if you have OHP sheets you can also use that. But I must recommend to reuse the plastic bottles.

Step 3: Make a Die ( Step-2)

Then first of all, I have taken a roll of thread and measure the accurate perimeter of the bangle. Then measured the length by a scale and it came 22.5cm. exactly. I have planned earlier that, I will design square shaped design over the outer surface of the bangle. So I kept the design square 2cm. by 2cm. and I wanted to place it diagonally. So when the sides are 2cm. by 2cm. then the hypotenuse is coming around 2.8cm. And by dividing with the outer surface (22.5/2.8=8.03) . So its clear that you should take 8 numbers of design pieces.

Now cut the die with help of scissors by following the marked lines. And place the first cut die over the plastic sheet, you can cut the rest 7 easily. No need to use scale and marker every single time.

Step 4: Prepare the Clay

Now its the time for clay work. And for This I have taken Mouldit which is a kind of air dry clay. You can take any air dry clay from market, all will going to give the same result. This packet comes with a clay Resin and a Hardener. You need to take same amount from both and mix together so well.To avoid its stickiness take some talcum powder spread on your palms.


1. Remember do not mix too much of resin and hardener at the same time, as it will harden up completely with 45 minutes . So mix the amount you need to work.

2. After mixing it , let it be set for 2 to 5 minutes. Because just after the mixing, you can not work with the clay as it is extra soft. You can 't mould it according to your convenience.

Step 5: Fix the Clay With Die

Now put some talcum powder over the rolling plate and place the mixed clay material and roll it flat with help of a rolling pin. By placing the die over the flat pressed clay you can easily have the exact sized clay piece.

Now put some craft glue or any white glue over the die and gently place the clay piece over the plastic die and press light to make it stick properly.

Now go for the design part and enjoy crafting.

Step 6: Stick the Mirrors

Put some craft glue over the clay surfaces and stick glass mirrors over it. Otherwise you can directly put the mirror over the clay surface as the clay itself works as an adhesive. After placing the glass mirrors , just press it with a light finger pressure. While pressing the mirrors make sure your fingers are clean otherwise the clay will stick over the glass mirrors and will give a messy look later on.

Before it going to dry completely, and if you plan for engrave it then do it fast. I did some simple design with help of a needle.

Step 7: Glue the Clay on Back Side

Let the front side to dry completely first and start putting the clay on the back side too.But remember on the back side of the die you need to put a thin layer clay.


First let the front side to dry completely otherwise while you holding it to do the next side it will mess your design.

Step 8: Design the Clay Piece ( Step-1)

Take a tiny amount of clay , make it roll with your desire diameter.Then put it gently around the mirror. Because from my knowledge, mirror is always look extra beautiful when you give it a colourful boundary. Then place it over the outer perimeter to enhance the exact design.

Now, take very tiny amount of clay and make some balls and put it on the each corner. I have put double balls and hole it with a needle.

After completion , keep it to dry for at least 4 hours.

Step 9: Design the Clay Piece ( Step-2)

Now to enhance the beauty of the design, I put some clay balls . But remember you have to let the first layer design to be dried properly, otherwise it can be mess up so easily and you cant handle the small piece.

Now let it also dry for some hours.


Most importantly remember one thing, If you are working over designs, make a note you are letting the previous design a sufficient time to be dried up completely.

Step 10: Glue the Designs

After a couple of hours, now the designs are ready to place on their respective places. Put some glue over the bangle, stick some clay then fix the clay pieces.Now if your calculations and measurement are true then you guys neither find any gap nor require any extra piece.

Let it to dry and now move to make the party ring.

Step 11: Prepare the Base for Finger Ring

Place a bottle of your required size to find the base, or you can have the base of your size by rounder.Cut it out and put some white glue.

Then nicely stick some clay and level it by using some talcum powder with your finger tips.

Step 12: Design the Ring

Stick the glass mirror with some white or any craft glue and enhance it with a thin clay roll.You can make some design with needle and pen refill.For better knowledge you can visit with the attach video. Now let the clay to dry for few hours.


While using the needle or refill just press it gently , otherwise it will bulge out to the side areas.

Step 13: Prepare Ring Base

To make the base of the ring you can take a ring base which is easily available on the market, if not then follow the procedure and make your own with your hands.

For that take a strip of OHP Sheet, roll it around the finger in which you want to wear the ring. Glue the ends with help of glue. I have used here Fevifix glue. Then with the same process, spread the clay all over the round OHP sheet or else you can take Plastic bottle sheet.

Step 14: Glue the Ring Base With Top Design

After letting both the parts to be dried up completely, fix them with help of glue or only by placing some clay in between both.Let the finger ring to be dry completely.And wii move for its colouring part.

Step 15: Base Colouring

For the base, I have chosen to colour it with Black colour, and its mandatory because as we are going to give it an Oxidised Silver jewellery look. Oxidised Silver jewellery should be look Blackish, as this colour represent its purity .

First colour the upper part of bangle as well as the ring.Then let it to dry for minutes and start colouring the entire lower parts.And let it to dry, or you can do by using your hair dryer.


1. Don't use water while colouring the base.

2. Then this base colour needs to dry completely, otherwise the next coat of colour will turn black so easily.

Step 16: Clean the Mirror

While we are playing with clays and colours, some how the mirror get hampered with your work. By this step, it may lost its shine too. So you need to clean this immediately .For that , you should use a nail remover and cotton and clean it beautifully. You can use ear buds to clean this also.But you have to see, the nail remover must not wipe off your base colours on clay.

Step 17: Giving Oxidising Look

Its the final step, in which we actually get the Oxidized Silver jewellery look.

For making this process, You have to take pearl metallic Silver colour and a tissue paper.Now take a tiny amount of colour with your finger and dab it on tissue paper. You should remember, the colour should not much in your finger tips.Now dab up finger over the clay work just to highlight the ornaments.

You can use a dry brush, if you have a multiple levelled designs and your fingers can not reach that gap.

Finally let it to be dried up like 24 hour or more than a day.

Step 18: Final Out Look

I really satisfied with the final outcome of both bangles and finger rings. I hope you also love it.

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