Introduction: DIY Sim Racing Display Arduino 2

This is how to make an Arduino Racing Gauge for Sim Racing.

Step 1: Features

This is a racing and supercar inspired gauge, it is designed to show the RPMs graphicaly drawing an RGB bar round the meter.

The example takes the value from a potentiometer, but it can be mixed with my last instructable(SimRacing Display 1) to get the RPM data from a game like Assetto Corsa and display it.

Step 2: Materials Needed

You only need an Arduino MEGA and a MCUFriend TFT 3,5" Shield for UNO and a 10K potentiometer.

It rounds moreless 35-40€ all.

Step 3: Code and Building

This is as simple as attaching the MCUFriend to your MEGA, and a potentiometer to the Analog 15 pin of the Arduino.

You can download the code here: MEGA