Introduction: DIY Simple Rainbow Loom Flower Charm (Made With a Pen)

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Today,We will make a Rainbow loom Rubber band Flower which made from simple steps and Special Without Loom kit! Making Creative Things with Rubber Bands have Always a Features that They are Water Resistant , Flexible.

I Have Also Added a Brief Explanation with the Help of Graphics of this Build in Next Step.

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Step 1: A Brief Explanation (With a .gif)

You could download this Gif and Try Home Offline!.

Actually this is just, the Looping of Rubber Band to the Other Rubber Band.

You Could Understand this by Viewing the Animated Image. :)

Step 2: Go Get the Stuff!

1. You can Easily Get some Rubber Bands from a stationary Shop near you.

2.Get a Pen

3. and your Fingers :D

That's All you Need.

Step 3: Take a Pen.

Take Pen and Let's Start Making it!

Step 4: Start by Twisting the Rubber Band Again and Again

Just Twist The Rubber Band Again and Again Like Shown in Picture ( Like an Infinity Sign / 8 )

You Could see the End Product atlast.

Step 5: Add New Rubber Band

Add a New Rubber Band Just Above the Twisted Rubber Band.

Step 6: Pick the Bottom Rubber Band and Loop to the Other One.

Pick Up the Bottom Rubber Band with your fingers and Loop it to the Other One.(as shown in Image)

Step 7: Now Hold the New One and .....

Now Hold the New Rubber Band edge and Loop it to the Pen Again. End Result will be like the Image Shown.

Step 8: Make More Like That.

Make More Like These and Keep on Adding to the Pen.

Step 9: Now Take Another New Rubber Band

Now Take a New Rubber Band Position it Above again. and Repeat Step 5 and 6.(with a Little Modification :- Now You Will Have to Loop Both the ends to Another Rubber Band.)

Step 10: Now Add Them 'all

Now Add them All Like Take a New Rubber Band and Porting them all to it. End Result Will Look like The Image Shown.

Step 11: Make the Knot!

Slide the one Rubber Band Edge From the Other one and Pull that Tightly. and it Will not open Again.

Step 12: Done!

We have Just Made a Rainbow Loom Flower Just with a Pen!

Now it's On you to Where you will use it.