Introduction: DIY Simple Rustic Christmas Star Decoration

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Looking for an inexpensive and personal way to adorn your home for the holiday season? Wanting a fun, natural-looking decoration for any time of year? Try this simple, inexpensive, and rewarding project! Find some sticks in your yard, then experiment with using different sizes of sticks and varying your paint color (or not painting at all!) for a wide variety of looks.

Please vote and comment! I'd love to hear what you think! Also feel free to ask my any questions you may have by commenting below. :)

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

1. 5 sticks of approximately equal length

2. String or wire for binding them together (I recommend using a color that is appealing to you, or a color close to the spraypaint color, if you'll be painting the star.)

3. Scissors

4. Spraypaint color of choice (optional)

Step 2: Lay Sticks in Star Shape.

Step 3: Tie the Sticks Together Where They Cross in the Interior of the Star Shape.

I recommend wrapping the string/yarn around the stics a couple of times, then tying in a tight double knot.

The sticks wiggle and shift a bit as you tie, but just keep reshaping the star as you go.

Remember that this is not supposed to look like a perfect star! :)

Step 4: Tie the Sticks Together at the Outer Points of the Star.

Step 5: Trim All the Ends of the String Closely.

Step 6: Your Basic Star Is Complete.

Decide if you want to leave it natural or paint it.

Since I was planning on painting this star, I was not particular about the color of the string I used. (Little did I know that spray paint would not cover it well!)

If you are considering NOT painting the star, you might want to contemplate using a festive color, like red or green, to do the tying.

Step 7: Prepare for Spray Painting.

Step 8: Paint Both Sides of Your Star.

I painted the back (the side with the knots) first, letting it dry briefly, then painted the front.

Step 9: Tie on a String to Be Your Hanger (optional).

Move your star around to see which way looks best as the top of your star, then tie the string on the top point.

Step 10: Finished! Display Your Star in Your Favorite Location.

Step 11: Consider Making More Stars With Different Thicknesses of Sticks.

I tried using thinner sticks, and also very thin twigs, all with unique results.

Step 12: Tip! If You Have Branch-offs on Your Sticks, Just (carefully!) Cut Them Off!

I used a Leatherman with a saw tool.

Please comment and let me know what you think!

I'd love to see your version, so if you make it please post a picture! I bet this would look especially festive in gold! :)

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