Introduction: DIY Skate Deck Shelf!

This intractable will more or less tell you how to build your own shelf out of skate decks that can be hung virtually anywhere!


For my supplies I used two steel cables, ten clamps, and 2 Canadian oak decks.

I also used a wrench, some pliers, and steel cable cutter.

Step 1: First Loop

loop the wire through two holes on the top of the first deck, then use a clamp to form a hoop/ring that will be used for hanging the shelf.

The loop can be at any desired hight, just play around with how high you want the shelf.

Step 2: Second Loop

Complete the last step on the other side.

Step 3: Locks

Fasten 4 clamps at an level hight for the board to rest on, make sure they are tight so the shelf doesn't slip.

repeat on both sides.

Step 4: Weave Em Through

send the cables through the second boards corresponding holes and then stack the two boards on top of each other. Pull the cords all the way through and get the board to be flush with the clamps from board #1.

Step 5: Second Shelf

Measure the distance from the deck to however far you would like to space the shelfs and then fasten clamps at level hight super tight.

Make sure they are level (you can tweak it later, but it is easier to do without the deck resting on them)

Step 6: Snip Snip

Lower the deck onto the clamps and proceed to clip the steel cord from below, be carful not to cut too short.

Step 7: Hang That Puppy Up!

I used wall hooks to hang it in the hallway, but nails for the hooks to hang on would work great!

(this is where you adjust the length of each clamp to make it level)

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