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Introduction: DIY Ski Mask

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With a blizzard arousing outside, I decided it simply would be too cold to go outside in freezing conditions without a ski mask to cover my face. However, I did not have one, and if I were to order a ski mask, I would not receive it for days. Hurriedly, I dug through my old fleece clothing pile, determined to sew my own ski mask. It only took 30 minutes to make, and soon I was making some for all of my family members! By making your own ski mask, you too can be sew warm in the snow! 

  • Fleece pajama/sweat pants
  • 2 soft headbands or scrunchies
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine equipped with thread
  • Marking tool (i.e. Sharpie, pencil)
  • ruler

Step 1: Fitting and Cutting

Dig through your drawer, and find an old pair of fleece pants that you do not care to cut up. Although solid colors are fine, wintery patterns are playful and fun! 

Unless you are good at doing things without looking, you may need to grab a friend for this step. Pull your head through the waistband opening of the pants. Your head should almost fit through the top of one leg, but you will need some room from the other side as well. The waistband will serve as the bottom of the hat, surpassing the chin. Have a friend secure a soft headband around the pant legs where the hat should stop. After you have decided on the size of the hat, pull it off your head and breathe!

Cut the extra fabric of the pant legs off just above the soft headbands.

Step 2: Let It Sew!

Find the pant leg that will be on top of the hat. Place your hand just below the soft headband as you pull the headband off. Measure the distance from the end of the pant leg to where your hand is, and mark the spot with a pencil. Mine was about 2 inches down. Continue the line across the pant leg--this will be your sewing guide. Here comes the fun part, sewing! Use the smallest straight stitch for the best results. 

After you have sewn the top of the hat, find the other pant leg. Although currently on the side of the hat, this pant leg's seam will soon end up as the back of the hat. Place your hand just below the headband, and pull it off. Mark a line in the middle of the leg where your hand is. Continue this line down the hat, stopping at the edge just above the waistband. However, when drawing the line upward, curve it so that it stops at the intersection of the two pant legs. Refer to the pictures to ensure your line is drawn correctly. Next, sew along this line using the same setting as before!

Step 3: Tie the Tassel

Trim the excess fabric from the pant leg that you have just sewn. Take this fabric and cut a long, thin strip of fleece. This will be the tie for the tassel at the top of the hat. Fold the edge of the pant leg that will be on top in an accordion style. Then, pinching the fabric at the hem, tie the strip of fabric around the tassel in a tight knot. You are left with a fun tassel for the top of your hat!

Step 4: Cut the Holes

For this step, you have to put your ski mask on. Before doing so, find your Sharpie marker. Again, this would be helpful with a friend, but it is not impossible without one. Figure out where your eyes are, and draw small circles lightly where the eyes are. You can cover your eyes with your hand while you draw. Do the same with your mouth. I drew my mouth hole a little taller so my nose could breathe better. Afterward, remove your ski mask.

Find your fabric scissors. Remember that it is important to cut small holes at first. You can always cut the holes larger, but you cannot make them small again. So, cut carefully! Periodically try the mask on to make certain that you are cutting the correct shapes in the right places. 

Step 5: Be Sew Warm!

You have finished your ski mask! Go outside, and stay warm in your new mask! The soft fleece will keep the majority of your face protected from harsh wind chills and drifting snow. However, do not where it into a store because people may eye you suspiciously! 

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9 years ago on Introduction

I think that's the most terrifying mask I've seen to date. There's movie magic there.