DIY Slayer Wall Lamp Everyone Can Make....

Introduction: DIY Slayer Wall Lamp Everyone Can Make....

About: Hi, I'm actually an IT consultant but love engineering. I love to try, do DIY stuff which are cost effective and solve my purposes.

With just few things you can make your own wall lamp. I chose my favorite band for my first try.

For making it with ease you don't need to use MDF plywood or go to workshop. This will cost you very very less.

Just take out your old poster/take printout/ anything you want to reuse and take a thermocol sheet cut it as per shape you want and glue both.

Use Led strip and 12V led driver or supply and put it behind the thermocol ,hang the art by using double side tape or clamps and you are ready with your lamp :)

Step 1: Take Out Printout of Your Favorite Band Logo

I just use A4 sheet and glued them

Step 2: Put Thermocol Sheet for Support

Step 3: Put LED Strip

Step 4: Put It on Wall

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