Introduction: DIY Small Kitchen Cabinet/shelf Made of Plywood

I had some plywood just sitting around and I had some free kitchen wall so I made this small cabinet with no doors or shells.

Dimensions of this cabinet are 33cm deep, 75cm high, 51cm wide. Plywood is 1.8cm thick.

Dimensions of elements are:

1. 75cmx33cm x2 - these are vertical sides

2. 47.4cm x 33cm x2 - these are horizontal sides(top and bottom)

3. 47.3cm x 32.9cm x1 - fixed shelf

4. 47.2cm x 32.9 x1 - removable shelf

Tools that I used for this project:

1.Power drill

2. Cordless drill

3. corner clamps

4. meter or corner meter

5. small hamer and one nail

6. screws

I took me about 20 minutes to finish this project!