DIY Small Pond Filer




Introduction: DIY Small Pond Filer

This Instructable details how to make a super cheap reusable pond filter. I built one to clean up excess algae and dirt floating around in my pond that the aerators stir up.

The pond filter is approximately $10 to $40 to make (depending on what glues / parts you already have, I already had a pump and glue so it was about $15 all up for me) and will last quite some time.

Step 1: Step 1: Parts List

Below is the parts list:


2 x 90mm PVC Push on end caps - $2.64 (link)

1 x 1m 90mm PVC Pipe - $6.24 (link)

1 x 90mm PVC Tee Inspection Hole, threaded top - $2.20 (link)

1 x 90mm PVC threaded cap - $2.12 (link)

1 x 10 pack of domestic wipes - $2.60 (link)

1 x Araldite - $4.00 (link)

1 x PVC Cement / Glue - $3.90 (link)


1 x Solar Powered Pump Kit - $13.39 (link)

Total Cost: Approximately $37.09

Step 2: Step 2: Building

Step 1:

Cut two 1inch lengths of 90mm pipe

Step 2:

Glue both 1inch lengths to the end caps

Step 3:

Drill 5mm holes into both end caps

Step 4:

Drill hole into Tee section to fit 12V pump electrical cable and outlet nozzle

Step 5:

Glue pump, electrical cable and outlet nozzle into place with Araldite

Step 6:

Wait for glue to dry

Step 7:

Get one wipe and cut in half

Step 8:

Put wipe into tee section and jam into place with end cap

Step 9:

Wait 48 hours before using so that glue is dry

Step 3: Step 3: Using Filter

  • Make sure the filter is full of water before turning on the pump!
  • When the filters get clogged you can wash the wipes in clean water and reuse them quite a number of times or you can throw them away and use more
  • When removing the filter from the pond, turn it upside down and unscrew the cap. This will make sure the sludge in the pump doesn't backwash into the pond again.
  • I used a 3W pump I bought from bunnings but you could use a higher powered pump for better filtering

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    Question 3 years ago

    The link to the solar pump is broken. (Item no longer available on eBay). Can you tell me what pump it was or post another link to what it is? Thanks!!