Introduction: DIY Smart Necklace for Valentine Gift by Arduino & OLED Display

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It’s Valentine time and if you’re planning to give a decent gift to your friend, It’s better to use your own knowledge or expertise and make them happy with your own hand-made gift. As you know, Arduino provides a variety of options to make different gadgets or cool stuff with simple components like small displays and sensors. Our idea is making a necklace by using Arduino pro mini and OLED display and to display an animation on it. At the end of this article you:

Will learn how to display animations on OLED displays by Arduino.

Will learn how to make Arduino boards smaller.

Will Make a cool gift for Christmas.

Step 1: Required Materials

Step 2: Circuit

Step 3: Code

You must add the OLED display library and then upload the code. Go to Manage Libaray and search for Adafruit SSD1306 and download it. If it is the first time you are using an Arduino board, don’t worry, just follow these steps:

1. Go to and download the Arduino software compatible your OS. Install the IDE software as instructed.

2. Run the Arduino IDE and clear the text editor and copy the following code in the text editor.

3. Choose the board in tools and boards, select your Arduino Board.

4. Connect the Arduino to your PC and set the COM port in tools and port.

5. Press the Upload (Arrow sign) button.

6. You are all set!


Step 4: Assembling

The first step in making the smart necklace is to cut the Arduino board out as much as possible to fit it inside the necklace frame. It’s very important to avoid cutting the main tracks in the board and just cut the unused pins tracks.
Next, Connect the display to Arduino according to the circuit image. Now connect Mercury switch to pin 7 and add an ON/OFF switch between the battery and the Arduino. Cover the circuit by a Plexi-glass (Acrylic sheet) frame, add a chain to the top of the frame and enjoy! You can build the frame with any other material you wish.

Step 5: What’s Next?

Here are a few suggestions:

Try to make other animation and display them.

Try to make the circuit sensitive to other parameters like temperature.