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Introduction: DIY Smartphone Lego Tripod

Hello guys,
I've recently bought a HTC Desire HD and the camera of this phone is just amazing, so i'll use it as a primary camera.
But the problem was the fact that I hadn't a tripod for this smartphone and I didn't know where to buy! And as every good hacker, i decided to do it myself.
Check out my instructable !

Step 1: Find All the Stuff

You'll need :
 - A cheap tripod (eBay, 3$ including shipping)
 - Legos (Free @home) : 6 pieces 4x2 ; 2 pieces 8x1 ; 1 plate 8x6
 - 1 bolt (To fit in the tripod, probably you'll find @home too)
 - Superglue (everyone has that)
 - Xacto knife
 - Pair of pliers

Step 2: Prepare the Base

First you'll need to empty one 4x2 Lego to fit the bolt it, like in the picture
After that , fit it and glue it inside the lego

Step 3: Prepare the Mount Base

So just glue your legos like the picture.
Try if the block that we made in Step 2 fits tight and snug.
In my case, it does, so let's continue

Step 4: Put Everything Together

We've got the base and the mount base so let's put everything together.
Glue the block of Step 2. on the middle of the back of the plate

Step 5: Done.

Yeah, it's easy as 1,2,3.
Screw the whole plate to the tripod and enjoy !
There you have some pics of the final results and some shots with the Desire HD
Thanks for reading.

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