Introduction: DIY Smoker From 2 Geysers

Me and a couple of friends started this build just for the sake of doing something interesting that we have never done before. I have to add that none of us are engineers, boilermakers or welders in any way.

We used two waterheaters(or geysers as we call them here in South Africa) for this build, one was a short chubby one and the other was a tall and slim geyser.

Step 1:

I did not take pictures of the first couple of tasks we had done so I will try and describe as best I can.

We started by cutting the short chubby water heater in half as this was to be used as our "Fire Chamber". We also cut of all inlet and outlet pipes that was in our way.

The second step was to cut the bottom off of the taller slimmer water heater so that we can weld it to the "Fire Chamber" later on. We called this part our "Smoking Column".

Step 2:

The next step was to build a bottom/base for our "Fire Chamber". For this we used a plow disc(skottelskaar in Afrikaans). We welded tubing with steel cap ends onto the disc so it would stand firmly on the ground ;).

Step 3:

The next step we had to cut a hole in the "Fire Chamber" to allow the smoke to escape into the "Smoking Column"

Step 4:

In this step we welded the "Fire Chamber" to the base, measured and cut the door and fixed it in place.

Step 5:

Next we measured and cut the door for the "Smoking Column"

Step 6:

In step 6 we welded the brackets for the two grills in place. We asked a friend to help us manufacture the two grills and it came out great.

Step 7:

The next step was to weld the "Smoking Column" to the "Fire Chamber".

Step 8:

The last two steps was to weld the door of the "Smoking Column" in place and fit the chimney. Welding the door in place took us three tries, but eventually we did it.

Step 9:

Finally we were able to try out our new smoker and man was it worth it!!!!!!

Thanks to:
- Stephan Pretorius
- Kevin Smith
- Danie Brough