Introduction: DIY Sock Aid

This project will help a person with a disability or physical impairment put on some socks without having to bend over. This will most likely fit a person with smaller feet. This assistive technology is very cheap and you can find most of the supplies at your home.

First you are going to gather your materials:

  • A plastic bottle that will slide up your foot; this one is from a V8 Juice (the bigger the bottle, the bigger the foot!)
  • Scissors
  • A small knife or box cutter
  • 62 inch rope
  • Clear tape
  • Duct tape
  • Sock to try on

Step 1: Cut Upper and Lower Part of Bottle

Using your pocket knife or box cutter, you will cut the top part of the bottle off. Next cut the bottom part off so it looks like this.

Step 2: Cut Part of Side Off

Next, using scissors, cut 2-3 inches of the bottle so your foot can slide through it.

Step 3: Make Holes

Make two holes using the box cutting near the ends of the bottle so you can put rope through them.

Step 4: Cut Rope in Half

Cut your 62 inch rope in half so there will be two 31 inch individual ropes.

Step 5: Tie Rope Through Holes

Put your different ropes through the hole and make a knot through the ends.

Step 6: Wrap in Clear Tape

Using the clear tape, wrap it around the bottle.

Step 7: Wrap in Duct Tape

Now using the duct tape do the same thing and wrap it around the bottle.

Step 8: Add Sock to Bottom Part

Your sock helper should be finished and all you need now is a sock! Put the sock over the bottom of the bottle.

Step 9: Try It Out!

Slip your foot through the bottom part and pull up with the ropes. And there you have it! A sock aid!