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Introduction: DIY Soda Can Survival Stove

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I obtained the idea to build this Instructable by challenging a common problem faced by survivalists and people in survival situations, How do you cook your food without a stove? I saw tin pop cans as being an item that most people would carry with them when they get lost. Most people only see pop cans to hold liquids, my interpretation is that a tin can has multiple uses in survival situation. This tin can stove isn't suppose to be a long term durable solution, by an improvised survival device for cooking small amounts of meat at a time.

Step 1: Materials and Supplies


. Pop or beer can 2x

. Dry tinder and leaves

. Lighter
. Pocket knife
. Multitool
. Sharpie (If available)

Step 2: Clean Your Cans (Optional)

Before starting you may want to clean your pop cans after drinking the pop, if this was in a real survival situation it wouldn't be my top priority. Use warm water to rise them out, then let them dry for a while on a towel.

Step 3: Building the Stove

Refer to the diagram as they are easy to follow step by step. Remove any sharp edges or metal shards.

Stove: Start by cutting the top off of the pop can, then take off the bottom with your multi tool. Mark three parabolas around the base of the can, then cut them out to create a tripod.

Burner: To build the burner, take the bottom of the tin can, mark it with a sharpie, then cut it out with your multi tool. Leave some room around it to be able to put material inside to burn.

To construct the final product, place the burner under the stove with the tripod legs connecting to the burner (Refer to last picture)

Step 4: Building the Grate

Note: Make sure to remove any sharp edges or metal shards, as it will make this stove dangerous when you are eating whats been cooked. Possible metal shards could be in the food if your not careful.

Using some left over tin, mark small strips and then cut them out with a multi tool. After they have been separated, layer the pieces over the top of the stove can to create the grate.

Step 5: Filling the Burner

Once the stove has been constructed and the grate is crafted, take the tin burner and fill it up with burnable materials. Natural burning materials can easily be found and must be dry in order to burn. Examples of natural burning materials: leaves, sticks, grass and you could even use small wooden chips. Always have more dry materials nearby to burn to keep the fire from going out.

Step 6: Testing the Stove

To use the stove, light the burner. After place the stove on top of the burner, then add the grate pieces on top of the stove. Enjoy cooking food in the wilderness, survivalists.

Thank you for reading my Instructable on how to make a "DIY Soda Can Survival Stove", please share this and help me win the contests I have entered by voting for me, I would appreciate it. If you have any questions on this tutorial or ideas for future projects tell me in the comments.

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    4 years ago

    Seems like a lot of work and probably cut fingers when you could just start a fire with your lighter, cut a green stick with your pocket knife and cook your meat on the green stick over the fire. You could use the same principals you used with the pop cans on a commercial size canned goods can and have a made in advance, reusable cooking stove for your Bug Out bag.

    Navy Wolves
    Navy Wolves

    Reply 4 years ago

    This is just an idea, yes it proably more effective to do it the easier way, I would probably just make a fire and cook it over a fire. I was going to show another mod for this that you could use to boil water with, but i promised my viewers I would upload an instructable since i haven't in a while. I might update this one to show the mod, which is more effective then this makeshift DIY bbq.