Introduction: DIY Solar Panel Toy Car

This DIY Solar Panel Toy Car is a great way to learn about solar energy. Under direct sunlight, the toy car will travel quickly. The energy from the solar panel is transferred to a motor. This motor spins the gears attached to the wheel, causing the car to move.

Step 1: Gather All the Tools and Materials

3.5 mm Phillips-Head screwdriver

green board base
4 iron stands
10 3.5 mm screws
2 6 cm iron shafts
plastic gear w/ convex
8-1 small gear
3 yellow shaft sleeves
4 glue wheels
K30 motor
glue foam
iron motor holder

Step 2: Begin Assembling

Use the 3.5 cm screws to attach the 4 iron stands to the green board. Each iron stand will be attached to the corners of the green board with two screws.

Step 3: Iron Shafts

Slide the plastic gear a half inch down the iron shaft. Make sure to put the convex part towards the inside. Take a yellow shaft sleeve and do the same on the other iron shaft.

Step 4: Installing the Iron Shafts

Put the iron shafts through the bottom holes of the iron stands. Attach the shaft sleeves to the remaining ends of the iron shafts. Make sure the shaft sleeve isn’t too tight. This ensures that the car will be able to move.

Step 5: Attach the Wheels

Attach the four wheels to each end of the iron shafts.

Step 6: Begin Assembling the Motor

Install the 8-1 small gear on to the end of the K30 motor.

Step 7: Attaching the Motor

Take your iron motor holder and attach the motor to the board with two 3.5 mm screws, according to the image. Make sure it is easy to rotate the gear.

Step 8: Attaching the Solar Panel

Paste one side of the glue foam to the back side of the solar panel. Stick the panel to the green board.

Step 9: Finished Product!

Take your car to a place with direct sunlight and test it out. If there is enough sunlight, the car should move fast. It will stop once it is no longer in sunlight.

We couldn’t be happier with how this solar panel car turned out. Thanks for reading and enjoy playing with your solar panel toy car!