Introduction: DIY Solar Powered Mason Jar

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In this Instructable, I am going to show you how to make a Solar Mason jar. This is a great project for people with minimal electronics skills and it's completely wire-free. You can make this within an hour. This is an inexpensive and easy way to add charm to any outdoor space which gives off a beautiful glow well after the sun sets. It is perfect to gift your beloved and the most important thing is, it is environment friendly.

If you are an electronics enthusiast, you can make the circuit also. Earlier I have written an Instructable on that. You can find it here .

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Update on 31.05.2022:

I have designed a DIY kit and a 3D Jar for this project and it is now available on my tindie store. Please support me there and help me to grow.

Download the STL files for Mason Jar from Thingiverse.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools Required :

1. Mason Jar ( Amazon )

2. Solar Garden Light (Aliexpress / Amazon )

3. Frosted Glass Spray Paint ( Amazon )

4. Card Board

5.Masking Tape ( Amazon )

6.News Paper

7.Scissors ( Amazon )

8.Hobby Knife ( Amazon )

9.Glue Gun ( Amazon )

Step 2: Separate the Solar Light

The Solar garden light comes in variety of size and look.All lights are not adequate for making this mason jar.

So buy the light as shown in the picture.I have purchased it from aliexpress, link is given in the earlier step.

Simply unscrew the Solar light from its plastic bulb. The entire solar unit is self-contained and can be used without further disassembly.Don't forget to remove the plastic covering from the solar cell.

Step 3: Clean the Jar

Apply glass cleaner on the surface of the mason jar.

Clean it thoroughly with a soft / microfiber cloth.

Step 4: Cover the Base

Cover the base of the mason jar by using masking tape and then cut out the excess portion.

This step is needed to leave the bottom portion unpainted.This will helps to use it as a flashlight.

Step 5: Frost the Jar

Why frosting is required ?

Frosting the jar helps to diffuse the light all around the surface and gives a nice glow to the entire jar.

Steps :

Spread a news paper on the floor, then place a piece of cardboard on it.

Remove the mason jar lid and keep it on the cardboard, with mouth to the down side.See the above picture.

Apply frosted glass spray over the entire surface.Then leave it 10 -15 minutes to dry out.

Repeat the same process for 2 to 3 times ( 2-3 coats ).Its depends on you, how much frosting you like.

Safety : Wear nose musk during the frosting.I will recommend to do it outside and a well-ventilated space.

Step 6: Make the Cardboard Ring

While the jar is drying, unscrew the lid from Jar and remove the flat part (disc shape ) of the lid

Use a a marker to trace the shapes of the disc onto the cardboard.

Place the garden light ( solar panel down side) at the center of the earlier trace out and trace around it.

Cut the traced portion by using a scissors/hobby knife.The final cut out is a ring shape.

Note : To make the light water proof , you can use a plastic sheet instead of cardboard as described above.

Step 7: Prepare the Lid

Insert the Solar garden light in to the cardboard ring.It should fit tightly.

Then apply hot glue around it.

Removed the glass bulb.

Step 8: Mount the Solar Light

Insert the prepared solar light into the lid.

Then screw the lid onto the jar

Step 9: Finishing

For quick test, just slide the solar light switch to ON position and cover solar cell by your hand.The light should turned ON.

Place the Jar in the bright sun light, the solar cell will charge the battery.

When sun goes ( during dark ) ,it will be automatically switched ON.

You can make few of similar jars and place them in your garden or lawn.

Now enjoy your new solar mason jar.

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