Introduction: DIY Solar Powered Phone Charger Under 5$

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Hello Readers in this instructable i made solar powered phone charger under 5$ which is very easy to make this takes only 4 simple steps which you will come to know soon! Please don't forget to share this instructable with your family and friends

Step 1: Hate Reading Then This Video Is for You

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Step 2: Gather These

  • Solar Panel
  • IC 7805
  • Charging pin

Step 3: Phase 1

  • Solder positive side of solar panel to IC as shown in picture
  • Negative of both charging pin and solar panel is soldered to middle part of IC
  • Positive of Charging pin soldered to remaining pin of IC

Step 4: Finishing

  • Cover the back side of panel with everything in place
  • Go Outside and Test Your Hard Work!!

Thank You

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