Introduction: Home-Made Solder Dispenser!

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This is made from a long piece of metal that the solder spool rolls around, It works the same as a regular toilet paper dispenser.

This was the best box I could find, (vitamin container) it was a to small by a centimeter (about half an inch) so I had to cut 4 slits so the spool could spin freely, as seen in the second picture

I hot glued the container to a lid of a larger container to have a wider base, And added some screws from my salvaged screw collection, To add some weight so the dispenser wouldn't fall over when I pull the solder

I was inspired to make this project when I wanted a solder dispenser that I found on eBay, But it was a little too expensive for me, So I decided to make my own!

I made this project before I found out about Instructables, So I wasn't able to make a tutorial, But If you make one of these be sure to post a picture in the comments section :)

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