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Introduction: Walnut Beer Caddie

About: I've been a tinker my whole life, so I quit my day job when I graduated from business school and now I run a flat-packed furniture company out of Baltimore, MD.

Don't spend $50 on a handmade beer caddie, just build it yourself!

I will walk you through how to make this caddie out of walnut, but feel free to use the wood of your choice. If you are in the Baltimore Area, sign up to take this class at the Foundery with all materials provided! (http://foundery.com/learn/)

Tools Used:

  • Miter saw (can replace with circular saw)
  • Band saw (for re sawing the stock)
  • Table saw (for ripping, can replace with circular saw with guide)
  • Power drill
  • Jigsaw
  • 18 gauge nailer (Can be replaced with hammer and nails)

Materials Needed:

  • 6.5"w x 30"l x 1"d hardwood board (I chose walnut)
  • 3/4" brad nails
  • Wall mounted bottle opener
  • Wood Glue (I used DAP Rapid fuse Wood glue)
  • Sandpaper
  • 1" Forstner Bit
  • Mineral Oil

Step 1: Rip and Re-saw Stock

You can find Walnut at your local Orange Box store, but I would suggest finding a local hardwood re-seller or lumber mill. If you do not have access to a band saw or table saw, I would suggest purchasing 1/4" hardwood plywood from said Orange box store.

Once you have your 6"w x 18"L x 1"D piece of wood, rip 1/4" strips (2) on the table saw. A rip is a cut the length of the board with the grain, shown in the first picture. With your 5.25" board, re-saw the 1" depth in half on the band saw. Re-sawing is done by flipping the board on the 1" side and feeding it through the band saw.

Step 2: Make Your Cuts

On your miter saw or circular saw, make the following cuts:

  • 1" stock at 8.25" (6), 7.25" (1)
  • 5.25" stock at 9"(2), 7.75"(2). Flip one of the 7.75" and cut at 3.25"

Step 3: Shape the Handle

Mark your wood at 1 1/4" from top, and 2.5" from each end of the 3.25" piece of wood. Use the 1" Forstner bit to drill a hole in each market location.

Draw a curve connecting each of the circles, and cut along the curve with your jigsaw.

Step 4: Cut Angles

Mark your wood at 5.5" from bottom on 9" pieces of wood. At the top, mark the middle and use a 1" strip to mark the spacing (your wood might be slightly less than 1"). Connect the two points with a straight edge.

Use a circular saw to cut the angles in your wood.

Step 5: Nail Pieces Together

Using your brad nailer, nail together the frame of the caddie.

First start with the handle and align the small 7.75" piece on the top of the handle. Make sure there is wood glue on the joint, I love the DAP Quick set, it helps secure the piece before you place in a nail for flawless alignment.

Next attach angled sides to the base with wood glue at the joint, nail to secure.

Attach handle to sides with wood glue and nail into place.

Finally nail 8.25" sides into place with wood glue to secure.

Step 6: Sand

Sand the piece to your liking, I engraved the Foundery's logo into the side for an added bonus using a CNC laser

Step 7: Finishing

I used Howard's Butcher's block oil, but any oil or finish you use will be sufficient to seal the piece. I use oil over water based for walnut since the oil really does make the grain pop.

After oiling, install the bottle opener on the side of your choice.

Grab a six pack and enjoy!

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    6 years ago

    This is lovely.


    6 years ago

    Nicely done!!!


    6 years ago

    How did you make the engraved for the beer bucket?


    Reply 6 years ago

    I used a CNC laser, I am fortunate to have access to a surplus of tools at the Foundery!