Introduction: DIY Space Lamp

In this tutorial you will be able to build a similar "space" lamp like this one.

I based my design on a lunar space lander. Sins I do like them and I found the shapes very interesting.

If you can use the following tools, you can make this lamp with little effort.

  1. A 3d printer
  2. A laser cutter
  3. Hot glue gun

Step 1: First Things First!

Before we can make this lamp, we will need some supply's.

Here's a small list of the stuff you will need:

  1. lamp, switch and a plug (you can use old ones of buy them complete). The fitting has a diameter of 4cm, and I use a 3,5W led lamp (this gives some great light but it does not get hot very fast).
  2. 3D printer filament, Chose a color u like! I recommend a light color the effect of the light will be brighter and you get more light out of it. Also know what kind of filament your printer uses and the thickness of it.
  3. Wood, I got a sheet of 122cmx61cm (witch is way too much) thickness of 3,6mm and hardwood. It is good to know if you have hardwood or not, this will take more time to cut out.
  4. Some hinges, to make some nice little details on it. It is still a lunar ship ;).
  5. Hot glue gun, we will need this for some small stuff to glue.

Step 2: The Model

So the model is availible on thingiverse (

There are some important notes:

I created the names in Dutch so the translations are:

  • Ladder is Ladder
  • Kapje is the lampshade
  • Onderstel is the whole part with the feet and legs.
  • Onderring 2 is the second ring, you will need this one to put your lampshade on the other parts.
  • The scale of the model, I had to scale down my lampshade. It was too big for the 3D printer.
  • The holes in the rings where the legs fit in, tis depends on the thickness of your wood.
  • And the center holes, this will be affected by your fitting.

Other than that, feel free to use it and/or change as you want it.

Step 3: Step 3: Building

Building it:

So now we will make some parts from woord an a roll of ABS.

When your printing and cutting is done, we can go and built the whole thing.

The steps for putting it together are pretty straight forward.

Here you will need the glue gun, there are 5 "feet" and five "legs".

  • These legs connect with the large base, on top of this base there will be a smaler one.
  • The one with also five cuts so it fit right on there (these dont have to be glued sins the lamp ring will hold them togehter).
  • On the ring of the lamp (the one you can adjust for a shade for it) we will glue the last ring.
  • This ring is the smallest one with no cuts, our lamp shade will fit right on this one.
  • And our last part the ladder, I did not make extra cuts on our big round ring. You can glue a hinge (or more) on this part and glue the ladder to it. Or if you want more parts on it, you can add what you want :).

Step 4: Step 4: Enjoy Your New Lamp!

Plug it in and enjoy your new and selfmade lamp!