Introduction: DIY Sparkling Jewelry

About: I am from Tamilnadu India.

Girl babies are very eager to get ready for any occasions beautifully. She likes to wear beautiful jewels. We south indian wear lot of gold jewels for occassion. But for babies we are in fear to wear because they can miss any jewel. So I make homemade jewels for kids at low cost. We can wear it for babies without fear and get ready for occassion beautifully. Here I make necklace, earring, bangles and bracelet.

Step 1: Required Materials


Canvas sheet
Fabric glue
Running stone
Golden running bead/ball
Stone bead
Silk thread


Canvas sheet
Fabric glue
Running stone
Golden running bead/ball
Earring holder


4 medium width bangles
8 small width bangles
Fabric glue
Pink silk thread
Golden Silk thread or zari thread
Running stone
Golden running bead/ball
Golden round balls


2 metal bangle
Fabric glue
Golden zari thread
Cap lock
Golden running stone
Golden chain and ball

Step 2: Necklace

For making necklace we have to take Canvas and draw the neck size.

Stick 2 layers of running stone with fabric glue.
Next stick 2layers of small running bead and continue with 2 layers of large running bead and 2 layers of running stone.

Next stick stone bead below the sticked materials with 1cm gap between the stone beads.

Next stick the loops at the both end of the necklace and join the rope with the loop.

Now cover it with another Canvas and cut the edges of the Canvas to make it nice finish.

Step 3: Earring

For making stud earrings take Canvas and first stick the mirror.

Next stick running bead around the mirror and stick one line running stone and again stick one line running ball.

Next fix the earring holder at the back of the Canvas without screw.

Cover with another Canvas with punching the earring holder and screw it with the earring holder.

Cut the remaining Canvas and make it neat finish.

Now the beautiful earring is ready.

Step 4: Bangles


Here I make 2 kada bangles and 4 small bangles.

For kada bangles I connect 2 medium width bangles with fabric glue and start wrapping with zari thread.

For small bangles I connect 2 small width bangles with fabric glue.

Silk Thread Bangle Wrapping....

For an easy way to get all of your strands to the same length, wrap the thread around a book 10 to 20 times, and then cut through the thread on both ends.

Adding glue to the inside of the bangle will help to secure the thread. However, make sure to press on the ends of the thread with your fingertips while you wrap the bangle. This will help to ensure that the thread stays put.

Wrap the bangle in a clockwise direction by bringing the thread over the outside of the bangle, and then back in through the center.

After you finish wrapping the last strands of thread all the way around the bangle, add a dab of glue to the inside of the bangle. Then, press the ends of the strands into the glue to secure them.


Silk Thread Bangle is ready to decorate.
Here I take golden round balls, running stone and running balls for decorate.

For making small bangles I wrap pink Colour silk thread and decorate with golden balls.

Like this I make 4 small bangles.

For making kada bangle take running balls and golden thread. Join the balls into the thread like chain according to the size of the bangles.

Now stick that ball chains on both edge sides of the bangles.

In center Stick one round running stone, then one round running ball and again one round running stone.

Like this I make 2 kada bangles.

Now the beautiful kada bangles is ready.

Finally arrange the bangles. First one kada bangle, next four small bangles and last the kada bangle.

Finally the set of beautiful bangles are ready to wear for any occasions.

Step 5: Bracelet

For making bracelet I cut the 2 metal bangles and join the 2 bangles with fabric glue.

Next I wrap the zari thread on the bangle. At the end of the bangle wrap some extra thread to secure it with cap lock on both sides.

After finishing cap lock wrap the golden running stone around the bangles tightly and paste it with the glue.

At the end of the cap locks hang some chain and golden ball. It looks like beautiful.

Finally the amazing bracelet is ready to wear.

Step 6: Photoshoot

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