Introduction: [DIY] Spider Robot - PART II - Remote Control

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There is the part 2 of my Spider robot project - how to remote control through bluetooth.

Here is the part 1 - if you are interested in this robot.

It is a simple way to send the command to this spider robot by serial communication.

Step 1: Make Sure the Bluetooth Module Was Well Connect to the Mainboard

Refer to the step 2 of my Spider robot project, please make sure the HC-06 module is connected to the mainboard well.

The LED of HC-06 will keep flashing when power on, it is waiting for connection.

The HC-06 is a popular bluetooth module for arduino.

Step 2: Upload the Code to Spider Robot

1. install the "" library, refer to here for detail process

2. rebuild the "spider_open_v3.ino" and upload to Spider Robot


Please make sure the setting of your HC-06, here is the default value:

9600 baud rate, N, 8, 1. Pincode 1234


If you want to change the baud rate, refer to the attach file "DatenblattHC-05_BT-Modul.pdf" in detail.


I have changed the baud rate to 57600, you shall change the code to 9600 if you are using the default setting.

void setup()



Serial.begin(9600); <=== using default setting


Step 3: Connect the Spider Robot With PC/Macbook

1. Do the pairing process before connect to Spider Robot with PC/Macbook/Phone. Pincode 1234

2. Launch Arduino IDE tool, and set the port to HC-06 device in Tools menu item <picture-1>

3. click the icon of Serial Monitor <picture-2>

4. and, check the setting of serial port <picture-3>

then we can input the command to drive the Spider Robot move.

For example, "w 0 1" means robot stand up, and "w 1 5" is driving robot step forward 5 steps.

Here is the command set.

// action command 0-6,
// w 0 1: stand

// w 0 0: sit

// w 1 x: forward x step

// w 2 x: back x step

// w 3 x: right turn x step

// w 4 x: left turn x step

// w 5 x: hand shake x times

// w 6 x: hand wave x times

Step 4: Connect the Spider Robot With Android Phone

Another way is connecting with Android phone, it is more fun than PC/Mac.

A good App would suggest to you - Bluetooth SPP tools pro, you can install it from Google Play.

The "Keyboard mode" is easy to use for children.

And the "CMD line mode" is using for debug or development.

Step 5: Build a Real Remote Control?

I still working on this project and will release it in near future.

Here is the prototype in my blog for reference.