DIY Squid Hat




Introduction: DIY Squid Hat

Free Squid Hat Pattern with pictures!

Time to make: 3-4 hours from start to finish.

Supply List:
Polar Fleece (about 2 feet)
All Purpose Thread
Velcro or snaps
Large Craft Eyes (I used 35 mm)

Download and print the pattern images in this step.

Step 1: Cut Out Pattern Pieces

Print out pattern and cut out.

To save time, fold your fabric in half so that you are cutting out two pieces instead of one.

Place on polar fleece and cut out pattern.

I cut mine free form and just held the pattern down, but it might be a better idea to pin the paper to the fabric first.

Note: Before cutting decide if you want a hat brim that is stretchy or one that fits more precisely. If you want a stretchy brim, which I recommend, pull on your fabric to figure out which way the fabric stretches. Once you've got that place your pattern along the direction of the stretch.

If you don't want your brim to stretch place it in the direction the fabric does not stretch.

Step 2: Sew Hat Panels and Fin

Pick up two panels of the hat pieces and place them so that the side of the hat you want on the finished hat outside is on the inside, between the hat panels. Match the points together and sew along one of the curved sides. Repeat on the two hat panels left. Do not sew all four together yet!

Take the triangle shaped fin pieces and place them together with the outside of the hat on the inside. Sew along the short edges all the way around the large edges. Be sure to leave the small inside triangle shape open.

Flip the fin piece right side out. Use a pen or skewer to pop the points out.

Sew a 1/4 in around the edge of the fin. This adds stability and texture.

Step 3: Attach Fin to Hat Panels

Place the fin with the bottom of the fin along the top edge of the inside out hat panels. It won't just fit there, you have to hold it in place with pins.

It is important to make sure the middle of your fin aligns with the seam lines of the hat panels. Otherwise the fin will be sewn on crooked.( Which could be fun!)

After pinning sew 1/4 in from one end of the hat to the other. Be sure to leave the bottom of the hat open.

Step 4: Attach Hat Brim.

Take your hat brim piece and sew the short end(s) together. You will be left with a big loop.

Fold this piece lengthwise with the good side of the fabric on the outside. We don't need to flip this one inside out.

Pin the open end of the brim to the bottom of the hat panels. The closed end of the brim should be on the outside of your hat, pointing towards the fin.

Sew 1/4 in along brim. If you want this part to look a bit more refined use a stitch that goes over the edge of the fabric or a serger if you've got one. I think most sewing machines have fake serger stitches these days.

Flip brim down.

After the brim is attached lay the hat so that the hat is folded in half from the side. You should have the front and back visible. Sew 1/4 in from the seam along the front of the hat(don't go over the brim!) and stop just before the fin. This will add a nice little ridge detail along the front of the hat which provides stability to the hat top. It keeps your fin perky!

Step 5: Tentacle Time!

You've been waiting for it, the fun stuff!

Match your tentacle pieces up with the fabric inside out. 2 pieces per part.

Sew along edges leaving the bottom bit open. If you sew this shut you can't invert the tentacle.

Flip your tentacles inside out by pushing your thumb up through them and rolling the fabric down with your other hand.

Step 6: Attaching Tentacles

Pin the two large tentacles to the inside of the hat along the sides. Line the middle of the tentacle up with the seam line of the hat panel sides. This is the same line the fin is attached to.

I keep the brim flipped up for this part. Try to sew directly where the brim was sewn to the hat. you may want to sew over this a couple of times because the long tentacles get tugged a lot.

Look at your paper hat pattern and match up the small tentacles where indicated on your fabric. They should be roughly 1 tentacle width apart and fold over the flipped up brim a bit.

Fold the open part of the tentacle down with the corners angled towards the center of the tentacle. This is to hide the fabric ends.

Pin the tentacles down where you want them and sew along the folded top part of the tentacle.


To keep your tentacles down try this.

Cut small squares of velcro and attach them to the underside of your tentacle and the flipped up side of your brim. Make sure you line up the pieces before attaching them.

I used self adhesive industrial strength velcro.

Be sure that the female(soft) piece of velcro is what you use on the hat brim. If you flip the brim down you will be happy you did! The male velcro is very scratchy and abrasive on the skin.

Step 7: Attach the Eyes

I put my eyes above the furthest tentacles and to the sides. The pattern I made marks this spot.

However, feel free to put your eyes anywhere you like, and as many as you like!

On most craft eyes there is a metal bit that you snap on over the stem of the eye. This leaves the stem sticking out which I think is uncomfortable, let alone dangerous. Using a dremel with a sanding disc I remove the excess stem. This is usually short enough for the kinds of eyes I use. However, if you still have more stem sticking out I've been using fasteel, which is a two part epoxy putty, to cover the ends. It is super hard and cures within minutes. I then cover the fasteel with a bit of the fleece. I think I may have super glued it on, so ghetto...

Step 8: Done!

Now go forth and conquer the world my squid army!

Next time I make one of these I will be drilling holes into my squidy eyes and inserting LEDs.
This tutorial is nice for doing just that.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Just wanted to post my success! I had to make an adjustment by multiplying the dimensions by like 1.2 cuz my head is big, and I took of that band and just hemmed the bottom with the big tentacles on the inside. But total success! Everyone is genuinely shocked that I made this suh-weet baby! =D Thanks!

    pie popper
    pie popper

    11 years ago on Introduction

    i made 3 in total, and still need to make one for myself!

    I made it a little different, and didn't put eyes on it.

    (yes, i have used this fabric in other ibles!)


    omg you are so rad!!! i have been looking for a pattern/hat like this FOREVER!! i made mine last night and i thought i'd share..! i tweaked a few little things, oh and you cant see but i added some squiddy legs in the back =3 but thank you so much for posting this tutorial! keep up the awesomeness!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Your costume is awesome! Is the black part mesh so you can see and breathe okay? So cool... :) If you run amok show me some pictures of the chaos!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I was going for the one-eyed monster squid look, but that wasn't too clear in the end. I might make some modifications for next year. With the time I spent on that costume, I'll get as much use out of it as I can!


    7 years ago

    AWESOME! super funny too, I tried making my own but I'm a kid not even a teenager. So I just flopped my arms and gave up. All that shopping for nothing!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    omg this is amazing i love squids sooo much there amazing i going to make one of these for all my freinds :p


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, at last I have found some people who appreciate cephalopods as much as myself. I have a huge squid fan and believe I will reincarnate into a squid when I die! As you can see, I am a weirdo, BUT squids do rule so I will definitely make this hat and prove to the whole world that squids are AMAZING!

    Now, I feel the urge to wear a cheese hat. Can some one post a pattern for a cheese hat please?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    hello :) i just finished making the squid hat!! all sew by hand, not machine :D! and with a few modifications :) thank you so much for posting this really good tutorial! even tho, like others, i got a bit confused with the 'attach the fin' step :S! thank you again!!!

    4-up on 2011-07-19 at 20.13.jpg

    12 years ago on Introduction

    XDDDD That's is *so* cute. Not something to wear outside unless you're really daring, but oh man. It'd be cool to own one for the novelty. *laughs*

    Those are really big craft eyes!!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    :O why wouldn't you wear it outside? The whole town would be forced into submission by the power of the squid... or not.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I am a huge fan of silly hats in the winter time, but, being a marine biologist, this is just the best! All the lab's little pet cuttlefish will finally have someone on their side! "Now who has the brains, puny humans!?" they will say!

    Not to sound stupid, but is there an easy way to print out those pattern pieces? Also, awesome hat, very creative. And a great instructable, helpful and easy to follow, thanks. :)