Introduction: DIY Stained Glass Valentine Votive Candle Holder

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Valentine's Day is one of my favorite times for crafting. There are so many possibilities.Valentine's day is all about love and I guess candles are the best essence of it.I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to the Candles and Votive Candle Holders!!!A flickering candle adds plenty of warmth and relaxed ambience to any interior.

I love the look of stained glass and the way the light shifts and sparkles through colored panes!!! There is something so romantic and beautiful about these stained glasses.Here am sharing a very simple DIY Stained Glass Valentine Votive Candle Holder.

Creating gorgeous stained glass effects with glass paint is super simple and its fun to too!!! I have always been in awe with Glass Paintings.This is one of my first easy and simple project with glass paints to start with!!!

Stained glass is at its prettiest when there is light streaming through it.Using Mason Jars for making Candles and Votive Holders are a great way to recycle your old mason jars.

Spruce up your Valentine’s Day Mantel with these handmade glass paint hearts and these would also make a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion!!!

Materials Used:-


Step 1:

I used a Glass Cup here.

Clean your jars neatly so that there are no fingerprint smudges.

Step 2:

Use a Gold Glass Paint Outliner to draw the designs on the Jar.

Step 3:

Drawing directly on the jars with Glass Outliners can sometimes be tricky.If you are just starting off with glass painting,like in case of me..... then you might just need some practice to get your hands stable!!! Just practice on plain surface before you paint on the jars and you would be good to go!!!! make it simple lets start by drawing the hearts on a piece of paper.

Step 4:

Insert the piece of paper into the jar.

Step 5:

Carefully, trace out the hearts with the outliner. Don’t squeeze too much nor don’t put very thin lines. It has to be sufficient enough to hold the Glass paint from flowing outside the lines.

Let it dry completely.

Step 6:

Time to fill in the Hearts with Red Glass Paint.

Step 7:

Slowly squeeze the paint inside the hearts , careful not to go outside the gold outline.

While filing the color, try to avoid making air bubbles. If suppose you do end up with air bubbles, just pop them with a needle or a tooth pick.

Step 8:

Let them dry off completely.

Step 9:

There you go!!!....Light up a tea light candle and put in inside and enjoy the lighting.

I love the way the tiny hearts show up on the wall!!!!!

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