Introduction: DIY Standard Coffee Table

WARNING: Use with caution! Electric tools used in the construction of the coffee table.

Materials Needed:

1 Sheet of Plywood: (48” X 24”)

1 Pallet: (42”X 42”)


#305 Stainless Steel 3 inch x 10 Screws

Electric Saw

Power Drill with variable sized Drill bits

Measuring Tape


Crow bar

Clamp (Optional)

Step 1: Preparations

Disassembling the Pallet to achieve Pallet wood strips.

You will need: Hammer, Electric Saw & Crow bar

Step 2: Building the Frame

Dimensions: Pallet length is measured to 42 inches.

a. Measure & cut frame wood pieces

You will need: 3 pieces of pallet wood, electric saw, screws & measuring tape.

  • Cut one of the three strips of wood in half. (18 inches)

b. Attach the frame pieces

  • Using your tools listed above attach the four pieces of wood at their ends; forming a rectangle shape for your frame.

Step 3: Creating the Legs

You will need: Two, 42" x 2" x 4" wood pallet strips (preferable choose thickest strips). Cut each strip of pallet in half, resulting in four legs for the table.

Dimension of legs: Four legs, 18" x 4"

Step 4: Pre-drill & Attach

a. Pre-drill 3 holes at the end of pallet strip.

  • IMPORTANT: Pallet wood is hard, so once the actual pre-drilling with the screws are executed, applying the now pre-drilled pallets into the frame eliminates breakage.

You will need: Power Drill

b. Attach the legs to the frame

You will need: Power drill & 3-4 Screws

c. Stabilize the legs

  • Total of 1-2 screws

Step 5: Attaching Top Shelf to Frame

You will need: Power drill and 4 screws, and plywood (48" x 24").

  • Inspect alignment of frame to top shelf at to your desire, then view finished product.
  • Place the plywood on top of the frame and drill 1 screw from the top of the plywood into the frame.

Step 6: Final Product


Optional: Staining for color-balanced finish