Introduction: DIY Star Fairy Lights With Hot Glue

Love this, is a fun and easy project with simple materials that everyone has in their home! Υou can decorate your room or your garden or you can use it as a Christmas decoration, you can also make something more personal for a gift.

Step 1: What Υou Νeed

The key element is the glue gun and the glue sticks! For what I had in my mind I needed some yellow and some transparent glue sticks to get different shades of yellow and of course, you can use as many colors as you want since the glue sticks color choices are many! To give the shape of a star I use silicone ice-cubes tray as a mold, it was simple enough to apply the hot glue into the ice-cubes tray and even more easy to remove them after they were cold. The use of silicone ice-cubes tray gives us endless choices for the shape we want! As an example, you can use a heart shaped ice-cubes tray to make a gift to your loved one!

An extra inspiration, if you have a 3d printer you can make 3d printed molds with flexible material and the whole project can be even more personalized and unique. As an example, you can print out some alphabet letters as molds and write a name or a happy birthday sign!

You can see more details for the 3d printed molds in this instructable here !

Step 2: Preparation

In this step we need to clear some imperfections with a cutter and make some holes to insert the lights. To make the holes you can use a drill or the tip of the hot glue gun, although with the drill you get a more precise result so I suggest this method!

Step 3: Assembly

Now it's time for the easy part, we just joining the stars with the string light, in the holes we made in the previous step!

Step 4: Lights On

Turn on the lights and enjoy your creation!

Step 5: Conclusion

The result is really beautiful, with very few materials and in a simple way you can have in the moment something to decorate your house, your garden, your cristmas tree!

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