Introduction: DIY Star Wars Light Saber

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Hello my Interstellar Benji Pups Warriors!!

Today we have a fun and easy DIY project for all of you! Make your very own Star Wars lightsaber in just a couple of minutes and create awesome galactic fights with your action figures!

All you need is a glue gun stick a glue gun and a LED small flashlight!

Watch full tutorial here:

"Cold Rise" by Gunnar Olsen from the YouTube media library.

See you very soon my Star Warriors Benji Pups and thank you a thousand times for watching my videos!!

Step 1: To Make Your Awesome LightSaber You'll Need..

- A LED flashlight or laser pointer (make sure you have permission from your parents if you're using a laser pointer)

- A glue gun

- Glue gun sticks

- An utility knife

Step 2: Start by Removing the Key Chain From Your Flashlight or Laser Pointer.

Step 3: Now Measure How Long You Want Your Lightsaber to Be.

I measured mine about 60% of the length of the glue stick for a deeper light effect.

Step 4: Now Carefully Cut the Glue Stick!

Be careful not to cut yourself or ask an adult to do this step for you!

Step 5: Put a Blob of Hot Glue in the Center of the Flashlight Screen.

Careful the glue is really hot at this stage!!

Step 6: Carefully Join the Glue Stick With the Flash Light Screen.

Be sure to place it right in the center of the screen if your glue stick is smaller in diameter.

Step 7: Just Wait Few Seconds for the Glue to Dry And..

Step 8: You're Ready for Your Intergalactic Lightsaber Fights!!

Turn your awesome lightsaber on and start conquering the universe (one planet at the time).