Introduction: DIY Steampunk Candle Light Lamp

A small candle light lamp made out of old recycled materials.

For a faint light, and romantic mood.

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed to build this lamp are:

- Circuit switch
- Wires
- Copper wire (about 2 meter of it, strip from an old transformer)
- Piece of old broom stick
- Plank of wood
- 12v light bulb
- Light bulb holder
- Glass container (I used an old air freshener bottle)
- Wine bottle cork ( just as a way to place the bulb holder in place)
- 12v ac to dc converter

Step 2: Cutting a Hole

first we need to cut a hole in the middle of the wood plank big enough for the glass to tight fit in it (if you make the hole toם big, hot glow is a good solution for keeping it in place).

Cut the wine cork so it wont be too long and fit in the glass container . then drill a hole in it, for the light bulb holder wires to fit throw.

Place the bulb in the holder and put the cork in the glass vase, and the glass vase in the wood plank.

Now we have a functioning light bulb, if we connect it to the power source it will be too bright or just a regular lamb.

Step 3: Steampunk the Lamp

In order to dim the light we need to add resistance to the circuit. we can just add a resistor or go the steampunk way. from an old AC to DC converter strip as much copper wire as you can.

you can search online how much resistance each cm of wire in your diameter will get you. but just test the length you need be trial and error. once you know the length, coil it around an old broom stick or any circular piece of wood appropriate to your plank height.

Now, connect the power source to the lamb throw the switch and your home made resistor and enjoy the smooth light....

Step 4: Finish It

Use an old piece of metal and attach it to the pack of the board so you can hang you new steampunk lamb!

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