Introduction: DIY Steering Wheel Stand

I play a fair amount of racing games, and have always preferred to use a wheel instead of a controller. In a fit of creativity a few months back, after purchasing the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Wheel for, I decided to build a stand for the wheel. The stand was designed to be used with an Ikea Poang Chair (or clone/knockoff version), but can easily be adjusted to any chair/couch you have. It's basic, it's not pretty, but it's damn simple to make and does what it needs to do perfectly.

Step 1: Shopping List

2 2x4 Pine 8 feet long ($2.00)
1 2x2 Pine 8 feet long ($1.50)
1 8"x36" white shelf ($12)
1 12"x24" finger jointed pine shelf (or 2 8"x24" white melamine shelves) ($19)
1 box of 50 1.5" wood screws
1 package of 8 1" felt furniture pads
1 Roll of grippy shelf shit, (optional, you can also just roll some duct tape with the sticky side out to temporarily stick it to the studio floor)

Step 2: Cut List

2 2x4:
27" x 2 pieces - left and right sides
34.5" x 1 - Front Base
16.5" x 2 - upright supports, one end of each cut at 45 degrees

13.5" x 4 pieces, these form the box for the pedals, but you only join 3 of them to make a U. the fourth piece prevents the pedals from moving forward
6" x 4 pieces, these are the supports for the shelf and risers

6"x36" shelf, trim it down to 34.5" same as the front base.

12"x24" shelf
rip one of the shelves in half to make 2 6"x24" pieces, which become the risers for the top platform, then cut them down to whatever height works for the chair/couch you are sitting on. I also trimmed each end off by 5 degrees so they are slightly angled (makes a parallelogram).

Step 3: Assembly

(here comes the screwing, and lots of it):

1.)Attach the front base on top of each bottom rail, 2 screws on each end from the top down.

2.)Attach 3 of the 13.5" pieces of 2x2 to the end of the other like in the attached picture. it will be the exact width of the foot pedal base. Then take the 4th 13.5" piece of 2x2 and centre it on the front base, setting it back from the front edge about 1". Then, using the pedals as you guide, slide the U shaped piece under the front base until the pedal base touches the front support, screw that shit down to lock it in place (you can still remove the pedals).

3.) Take the 6"x36" shelf, and attach the attach one of the 6" shelf supports on either end, setting them back the thickness of the riser (probably 1/2"). then attach the risers to the supports. The supports will provide most of the rigidity for the corners and prevent any lateral flex. Attach the last 2 6" supports to the bottom of the risers with the bottom edges flush to each other.

4.) Attach the now fully built shelf to the ends of the bottom rails, obviously on the opposite end to the pedal base. Take the upright supports and attach them to the risers and the bottom rails. This now prevents the shelf from moving forward.

5). Make it easy to slide, put those stick on felt pads on each corner of the bottom rails. And to prevent it from sliding all over the place, cut a few strips of the grippy shit you use on shelves to stop from sliding around in cabinets to the ends under the risers. This way, if you lift the shelf, you can slide it where you want it, but once that grippy shelf shit hits the ground, you won't kick the shelf forward when you stomp the brakes.

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