Introduction: DIY Stickers!

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These DIY stickers are easy and fun to make!


Contact Paper
Packing Tape
Markers or other Coloring Supplies
Wax Paper

Step 1: Draw Designs

You can draw anything you want!
From a dog to a dinosaur or anything else you imagine!

Step 2: Cut Out Designs

Step 3: Layer Tape and Wax Paper

Cut out a piece of wax paper that fits all of your designs and attach one layer of packing tape on top.

(The wax paper acts as the back of the sticker and the tape makes it stick to things.)

Step 4: Sealing Designs

Set your designs on top of the wax paper and cover designs with contact paper.

Step 5: Cut Designs Out

Cut designs and make sure to leave a border to make sure your designs stay together.

Step 6: To Use

To apply your stickers to things bend a corner and peel off wax paper.

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