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If you are looking for a way to spice up your book, try making one of these bookmarks. Not only do they organize your book pages, but they make reading more fun.


Supplies for this project include,
Card stock (white, red, black, blue, teal, pink, and light blue)
Hot glue

Step 1: Making the Base/Book Corner

Start out by tracing a 14cm by 14cm square onto blue card stock. Next, fold it into an obtuse triangle. Fold each corner of the obtuse triangle into the center. Fold the square flap closest to the two mini triangles onto itself creating another triangle. Next, tuck the two mini triangles into the flap you just made. Finally, cut the book corner into a circle.

Step 2: Creating the Eyes, Mouth, and Nose

To create the eyes, cut two ovals using light blue card stock. Next, cut two smaller ovals out of black card stock and then cut two really tiny circles out of white card stock. When you glue everything together, it should look like his eyes.
To create the mouth, cut out a half circle out of red card stock. Then, make 4 half ovals and glue them onto the bottom of the red half circle.
Finally, make a circle out of teal card stock and glue it in the middle of the base. Next, glue the eyes and mouth onto the base.

Step 3: Making the Ears/Finishing the Bookmark

For this step all you will need to do is cut out ears using blue card stock, and the inside of the ear using pink card stock. Finally glue them together and then to the bookmark. These bookmarks make reading more fun by adding just a little something more to your book. Wether you use this for you, or give it to a friend, it will always be special because you made it.

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