Introduction: DIY Storage Box

Step 1: Get a Box

Find a box that is a good size and works for you.

Step 2: Find Paper and Glue

These things are probably already laying around your house! Find just plain printer paper or any kind of paper. Scrapbooking paper works great! Any kind of glue will work.

Step 3: Grab a Paper Plate and a Brush

If you have your glue in a container like me, you might want to have a paper plate and a brush.

Step 4: Cover It in Your Paper

Cover the inside and outside of the box of your box with paper.

Step 5: Jazz It Up!!!

Grab jewels, rhinestones, studs or really anything to jazz it up!

Step 6: Your Done!

My sister turned this into her kitty's home but you can label it differently! Hope you enjoyed this! :)