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Introduction: DIY Storage Daybed With Build-in Shelves

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Here a quick rundown of how my husband and I created a DIY built-in bed with shelving for our son's small room. We needed some extra storage space (and plenty of room for him to play) in this 10X10 room, so we got creative with some built-ins and the end result has been perfect for our family!

This project is surprisingly simple to create and uses pre-made bookcases, which cuts your time down significantly. You can get more details plans (and many more photos) over on the full blog post:

Step 1: STEP 1: Gather Materials & Supplies

Here's what you'll need:
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- 2 IKEA BILLY bookcases

- 1/2" plywood (we used about 3 sheets)

- 2X4 lumber (we used approximately 5)

- Kreg Jig

- Wood glue

- Nail gun

- Trim pieces (we used 3/4" thick lattice pieces for most of our trim, along with some shoe moulding- what trim you use is really a personal preference, though!)

- Wood putty(because no one is perfect)

- Caulk

- Paint Sprayer(or your favorite painting tool)

- Paint

Step 2: STEP 2: Built Your Support Boxes

After you've measured your room and know the dimensions for your bed (every room will be different!), you'll need to build boxes to bring your bookcases up to the ceiling. Our boxes are made from 1/2" plywood and constructed with pocket holes. We measured so that the base of the box was the exact same size as the bookcases, and the height of the box would bring it right up to the ceiling.

You can leave the back part of the box open (with just 2X4s for support), since it will be against the wall.

Step 3: STEP 3: Build the Base of Your Bed and Frame Out Your Cubbies

Once you put the boxes into place on either side of the room, you can build the support pieces for the bed. We used one 2X4 as a ledger board on the wall, then built 3 M-shaped supports to hold the bed up. When measuring for both the height of the bed and the depth of the cubbies, be sure to take into account the size of the baskets you plan to use for the cubbies (we used these).

Add a middle support board at the depth you'd like your cubbies to be (we placed ours to be the exact size of our baskets) and frame out the inside of the cubbies using plywood.

Step 4: STEP 4: Build the Platform Bed

Using plywood and pocket holes, build the platform bed. Be sure to include framing around the outer 3 sides of the mattress (you don't need to worry about the part next to the wall). We created small ledges on either side of the mattress to account for some extra space, but it also provides a great space to set a water bottle!

At this point, you can also put your bookcases into place.

Step 5: STEP 5: Add Trim, Wood Putty, and Caulk

Add trim on any exposed edges of the wood, then use wood putty to fill in any gaps and caulk all nail holes.

Step 6: STEP 6: Paint

I used my paint sprayer to ensure a completely smooth finish - be sure to tape off anything you don't want overspray on!

NOTE: We took one shelf of our bookcase into the hardware store and had them color match it for the paint. It ended up being a near-perfect match!

Step 7: STEP 7: Enjoy!

Once your paint dries, it's time to fill in your bookcases and enjoy the bed!

I hope you enjoyed this project - if you want to see more details you can check out the full blog post (and be sure to look around a bit for some other inspiring DIY ideas!)

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    2 years ago on Step 7

    I love your Instructable, and plan t do something similar in our future home.However, I am concerned that you did not attach your creation to the studs,dor safety. I live in New England which isn't exacty a center of earthquake activity, yet we have had three quakes in the past decade. One of those earthquakes was strong enough to cause a book or three to fall. Also, kids (I was one, once), love to climb things. The could cause a terrible accident.

    Those Billy bookshelves come with free kits to attach the bookcase to the studs. If you have lost those, it's an easy matter to get free replacement from IKEA. I strongly suggest making that change before letting your son to watch,

    I do love the Instructable, and wil post a picture (if the system allows me to do so). It's a creative masterpiece, and I thank you for sending your Instructable