Introduction: DIY Straw Bag

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This DIY Straw Bag is incredibly easy and it's made out of the ordinary placemats. I really like the result and if you are also in love with this "straw" trend, just follow the steps and make one by yourself.

Try out this DIY project and snap a pic :)

Step 1: What You’ll Need

  • Natural Straw Place Mats 33cm/13'' diameter
  • Natural Burlap
  • Leather Strips x2
  • Leather Cords


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Leather Stitching Needle (Big Eye Needle)

Step 2: The Side

Use natural burlap/hessian fabric to place at the round part (side part) of the bag.
So your bag will fold easily. If you are planning a vacation, you can put it inside your luggage or to store for the off season.

Cut about 1 m by 0.25m (40" by 10").

Fold over 4cm / 1.5" of your fabric. Iron.

Step 3:

Glue around the fabric and connect with first placemat. Work careful and neatly. Make sure that all the pieces fit and there are no gaps or looseness. Next, glue the second part.

Step 4: Leather Bag Handles

I cut 2 leather straps 2 cm/1" width and 43cm/17" length. It's a maximal length that I could cut from my piece of leather. Choose any size that fits. You can also take one long crossbody strap.

Using a leather stitching needle make 4 symmetric holes at endings.The needle needs to be sharp and strong enough to penetrate the leather.

Tip: If you have an old bag strap, in great condition, take it for this project!

Step 5: Fix Bag Handles

Take a few burlap threads and make a criss-cross decoration on your strap endings.

Pin the handles in place and glue them to the bag.

Pass the thread on the inner side and tie.

Apply a dot of hot glue over the knot and leave it to dry.

Step 6: Braided Leather

Take 3 leather cords 1m/40" length and make a simple easy braid or do something more difficult))

Step 7: Glue the Cord on Facing Side

Decorating Tips: You can use fringes, trimmings or Pom Pom ribbon to dress up your bag.

Step 8: Tassel - a Small Accent

Step 9: Extra

Sometimes to use hot glue is not enough, all depends by material and texture. I choose to stitch all bag around, so it will be more sturdy.

Step 10: And Here Is the End Result.