Introduction: DIY Straw Bracelets!

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These bracelets are very easy to make ! You guys might already have an idea about how to make it . The unique thing about this project is that involves using scoubidou and striped straws .

Step 1: Stuff You Need :

Gimp or thread ( scoubidou )
Striped straws

Step 2: Fold the Plastic Thread in Half and Tie a Knot .

Step 3: Make the Straw Beads .

Use the ruler to measure 1 cm and cut .
Make lines with the pen to guide you .

Step 4: Start Making !

Step 5: Closure !

Tie a knot at the end to secure your work .
Then add another bead for the closure and secure that too.
Cut the excess gimp and your done!

Step 6: Enjoy!