DIY Stray Cat House



Introduction: DIY Stray Cat House

In this i will teach you how to make a stray cat house. Now if you have a stray cat outside, it won't freeze in the frigid cold of winter.

Step 1: Construction.

The things you will need are listed to the right. You need a Rubbermaid tub, some Insulated Styrofoam, some hay, and a saw. You will need to saw the Styrofoam so it fits in the Rubbermaid tub on all sides but the top. You need to save a piece for the top. Now you need to add the hay on top of the Styrofoam. Now, put the the saved piece on top of the other pieces. You also need the Rubbermaid top to close the house. Now put a brick on the Rubbermaid top. The final step is to saw a cat-sized square hole so the cat can get in. There! now you have a cat house.

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