Introduction: DIY Stylus

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a stylus to use with any phone with a touch screen.

Follow the instructions so you can do it right! Have fun! ;)

Step 1: What You'll Need

What you're gonna need is:
• A pair of scissors
• A pen with removable ink
• Aluminum foil
• A small plate of water
• An ear cleaner thingy

Step 2: Take the Ink Out of the Pen

Unscrew the part of the pen that comes off and remove the ink, as shown in the photos

Step 3: Cut the Ear Cleaner Thingy

Cut the ear cleaner in half as shown in the photos. If you have a smaller pen, you'll need to cut it at an angle to fit it in.

Step 4: Making the Stylus

Put the ear cleaner in the pen like so...

After that, reenforce it with the foil

Step 5: Wet the Ear Cleaner

This is so the static electricity from your hand can go through the foil to the wet cleaner, and to the phone. So you can touch the screen with your stylus, then accessing any apps, or drawing, or something.

Step 6: Use the Stylus!

You may have to press down hard the first couple taps...
If you have any trouble with it, just wet the tip again and you can use it again! Have fun! ;)