Introduction: DIY Summer Essential Hacks - Ideas

Summer is here and i'm LOVING it!! I found a few tips or summer hacks that were Pinterest inspired and they WORKED! Check them out and let them help you make your summer even more awesome :)

Step 1: Hack # 1 - DIY Drink Cover

For those of you who enjoy the outdoors, this is a great and CHEAP hack that protects your drink away from all those bugs!! A simple cupcake liner does the trick ;) Check out the tutorial for the full instructions.

Step 2: Hack # 2 - DIY Water Balloon Ice

If you don't have time to go out and buy ice or have enough ice trays this is a simple trick to keep your drinks nice and cool! Who knew water balloons could be this handy!

Step 3: Hack # 3 - DIY BBQ

I wasn't too sure about this Pinterest inspired idea but guess what? It WORKED! For those of you who go on a last minute camping trip or simply want to roast some s'mores, this is an affordable idea to create your very own BBQ. All items i used can be easily found around the house!

Step 4: Hack # 4 - DIY Bug Repellent

For those of who really want to enjoy the outdoors but HATE bugs, I got you covered ;) This is an awesome alternative to bug repellent and even better makes your garden smell nice and citrus-y!

Step 5: Check Out the Tutorial!

For all details check out the tutorial here: