Introduction: DIY Sun Jar Scenes

Many of you are familliar with the recent trend known as "Sun Jars." If you don't know what they are they are basically a small or medium size jar with a solar powered light in it that lights up at night. Over the past few weeks I've found some nice ways to make some that can look professional if you take your time. So with-out further ado here is my latest one that has a couple fish on it.

Step 1: What You Need

The list for this instructable is very short and all can be had for under $20, And make multiple jars for even less.
1) Mason Jar (I got mine at Dollar Store)
2) Solar Garden Light (Also Dollar Store)>These ones have actually outlasted the battery life of my more expensive ones.
3) Silicone or Epoxy (any hardware store)>Both are very easy to work with the silicone may be a little more water resistant but on my other ones I've used Epoxy, I'll explain later.
4) E-xacto knife
5) Blue Painters Tape
6) Frosting Spraypaint
7) Optional Liquid Electrical Tape (Most hardware stores have it)>I started using this after I let my jars open to dry out by the pool after cleaning them and some of the parts started to rust.

Step 2: Assemble the Cap

To start out you will need to make a spacer for the top of the jar as seen in the picture, I used small segments of a ruler, then you need to have your silicone ready, start by puttng a small ring around the top edge of the solar light where it would contact the jar lid then lower the light into the lid and rotate it about 90 degrees to smear around the silicone. This is better explained in the pictures. As you can see the solar light goes solar panel first through the bottom of the lid so it comes out and sticks outjust a little or a lot depending on your tastes. You can see in the secod image how the silicone looks on the inside only use a little otherwise you could glue the jar t the lid and it would be permanently sealed!!

Optionally> You can use 1 minute or 5 minute epoxy instead of the silicone but the epoxy is a little thinner than the silicone and it can run more and possibly block the jar from going into the lid.

Step 3: Making the Scene

To start I drew the image on AutoCAD and used that to scale it to the right dimensions but you can also print out a picture and sketch it to the right size. Then you need the blue painters tape, take the tape and make a sheet big enough to copy the drawing onto then use your E-xacto knife to cut out the negative so there is the object left cut out. You can also use some rubbing alcohol to clean the glass so it will better adhere to it. Now carefully peel up the tape stencil and place it on the jar where you would like it. Now take some tape and cover all the areas of the jar you don't want frosted. Then spray on the paint in a very thin coat, wait 5-10 minutes and then spary on another layer if desired, once you have enough layers on the final layer spray the jar then immediately peel off the tape stencil, to avoid ripping off the paint.

Included is a PDF of a school of fish but they are kind of small but you can just print it out bigger.

Step 4: The Final Step

This the final step this is also somewhat optional, you can take the liquid electric tape and cover all the holes on the solar light that way it stays dry and wont rust.  This part is necessary though you need to remove the activator strip or turn on the switch, and then attach the lid to the jar and enjoy your new Sun Jar.

Also if the following steps are followed and done well the jar is fully water proof there is a picture with the jar at the bottom of out 8-foot deep pool! After a few hours there might be a little puddle in the bottom but nothing to be concerned about.

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