Introduction: DIY Super Bowl Party

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If you're in charge of having a sports-watching event or sports themed celebration this year, here are a few tips to hosting a fab Super Bowl party - you can totally make some of these ideas work for any sporting event BTW!

Step 1: Super Bowl Party Styling & Set Up

For the styling of this Super Bowl party, obviously you don't want to offend anyone's team colors, so go for a neutral palette inspired by the football color and the pitch/field colors (browns and greens). Since most of the action will take place where the TV is situated, I suggest setting up a large snack table with your treats in proximity.

It's a great idea to also have a smaller table or coffee table just in front of the seating area, so everyone can grab their snacks from the main table and move away to watch the game. Not only it's more practical, but also frees up space around the main food/drinks table.

Hostess Tip: Cover your coffee table with inexpensive Kraft paper and be sure to provide plenty of coasters!

Needless to say, party printables will go hand in hand with this theme, and I designed an awesome Super Bowl theme printable kit that you can use to embellish any part of your party - from table decor, food and drinks.

Step 2: ​Super Bowl Party DIY Decorations

For my Super Bowl party table, I rolled out a piece of fake turf instead of a tablecloth. It really helped pull the theme together. Another cool idea is to use Kraft paper and decorate it with white tape to emulate all those football strategy drawings.

Disposable tableware is a necessity for me when you have a large crowd. But there's no reason why we can't make it look cute, right?! So I chose paper plates, cups, flatware and napkins stripes in black and green to complement my theme and to match the football pitch colors. The bar also included cute mason jars with lids, which are perfect for inserting a paper straw!

For the table backdrop a couple of DIY paper garlands, paper rosettes and printable football and helmet stickersto embellish and that's it! No need to go OTT to achieve a cool look! ;)

Step 3: Super Bowl Party Food & Drinks

For the snacks table is great to have a mixture of snacks and treats to suit all palates. But the great thing is, that a football game by nature is a casual event, so the menu on offer should reflect that. Now is not the time for fancy cuisine, right?! ;)

Therefore you don't have to cook it all from scratch, and a few short-cute are totally OK!

Step 4: Super Bowl Party Recipes

My Super Bowl party menu includes the usual culprits like chips served in cute popcorn boxes (but you could serve fries too) and beer (duh!), plus a few yummy delights like spicy chicken wings (shop-bought), pretzels with a hot and sweet mustard dip, a healthier Feta dip served with veg, and delicious chocolate brownie footballs to end on a sweet note.

Step 5: Super Bowl Party Flow

For the dips, I served cute baking cups on the side so everyone could serve themselves easily and take their snacks to sit in front of the telly. I'm in LOVE with these baking cups, they're so versatile. And did you know, if you don't bake with them, they can be washed and re-used? I tried it myself and they looked brand new after a good wash!

I also like to serve kid-friendly juices and cocktail mixers or syrups for those who don't fancy beer much. Just pop the drink into a bucket and top with crushed ice just before your guests arrive. Be sure to top the bucket with drinks or ice if needed later in the party.

I'll be sharing my recipes here on the blog in the next few days, so be sure to subscribe to the blog here so you don't miss a thing ;)

Step 6: ​Super Bowl Party Favors

Just because you're hosting a casual party, doesn't mean you get to neglect the favors. Oh, no! ;)

Simple, yet cute gifts like foam fingers, whistles, party horns or anything football themed (beer cozies are also a cool idea!) can be packaged into cute gift bags, take-away boxes or small gift boxes and embellished with more printable Super Bowl labels to complete the look!