Introduction: DIY Super Chic Copper Corkscrew Earrings

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Copper is the new cool, everyone knows that. And even better, you probably already have some around the house...and even if you don't it's VERY cheap to get the materials for these. I used some 14 gauge solid-core copper electrical wire (available at any hardware store). So materials are:

1) Copper wire (I used 14 gauge here)

2) Earring posts/hooks (I bought 100 for $1)

3) Pliers to bend the copper

4) Cylinder to wrap copper around (I used a nail set)

That's all we need. Let's get making!

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Step 1: C'mon Lets Twist

Right,so let's get started... I used a nail set because it's cone shaped at the end, but any shape can work, a screwdriver, a chopstick, you name it. You're just going to grab an end of wire in the pliers and wrap it around the nose of the pliers to make a very small loop (see photo). Now grab the wire just below the whole loop and hold it firmly to the cylinder with the pliers, aaaand start wrapping! Once you get it going you may not need to hold with the pliers (see photo). So easy-peesy. Wrap it as long or as short as you want, and then repeat for the second earring. (Use a wire clipper to cut or just grab with pliers and bend it back and forth repeatedly till it snaps). To make the corkscrew even, just grab any 2 'turns' and squeeze or spread as needed, until it looks right.

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Step 2: Get Hooked

Now,all we have to do is add an earring piece, I used the hook type. These came in copper so they're perfect for...YES, copper. These are very inexpensive so grab 50 pairs and start crafting!

If you'd like to use a jump ring, there are good I'bles for that, and it's super easy to do...OR You can just use that loop at the start of the copper wire to connect to the earring hook and skip a jump ring entirely if you like. At this point, if you're not using a jump ring, you'll just open up the loop you made a tiny bit and slip it into the earring hook- then squeeze the loop closed- done. If you have/made jump rings then you'll attach one to the loop, slide the hook onto the jump ring- squeeze the jump ring closed- and voila.

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Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

Now that you've got it down, take it in your own unique direction. Try using different shapes, different gauge wires, different materials- sterling silver wire? wrapped around a cool stone? why not? You're only limited by your imagination...which is unlimited...sooo no limits! Handmade jewelry is so special, great for a gift, and every piece is unique. What's not to love? Make something for someone you love today, you'll both be happy you did!

Thanks for reading, and did I mention- PLEASE vote for me in the Earring Challenge- I'd love to make more jewelry and every vote helps me on my way!