Introduction: DIY Super Cool Play Tent for Kids - Easy to Build!

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Very easy to build and kids will love it! Guaranteed!

Open the photos and hover your mouse cursor over the annotations for info.

Step 1: The Structure and Measures (preparation and Tips)

Idea for the structure was that it would be easy to assemble and disassemble - without tools!

If you don't want to use half-lap joints you can always join everything with screws (or bolts).

Use any hardwood to build the structure (I used white oak due to its water resistant properties).
You can use softwood but you'll need to beef up all the widths.

Take your time to make nice and tight friction joints.
Make sure you use the dry wood (not green/wet) because your joints will stay closed and fit nicely.

I used 3/4'' thick oak for all the boards.

Front and Back that form the ''X''(4 pieces total): Width - 1 1/4''; Length - 49''

Top part (1 piece total): Width: 1 1/3''; Length: 54''

Bottom sides (2 pieces total): Width 1 1/4'; Length: 54'' (same as top part)

Angle for the X pieces is determined free hand. Mine is 60 degrees which I found quite pleasing for the eye.

Step 2: Mark and Cut Half-Lap Joints

If you'll join your pieces with screws (pre-drill the holes) you can skip half-laps.
I still encourage you to do them because that makes the assembly tool-free!

Step 3: Adjust Half-Laps...and Cut Some More :)

Step 4: Mark, Sand and Assemble

Step 5: Felt Is a Great Material!

Use felt and hot glue for no-sew joints.

Step 6: Let the Kids Have FUN!!!

If you build yours, share it here on Instructables!

Your comments are very much appreciated and responded!

Have a great time building it, your kids will have great time playing with it for sure!


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