DIY Super Secret Safe Clock

Introduction: DIY Super Secret Safe Clock

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Roughly 2.5 million homes are broken into every year. Whether it be the ring you said "I do" for or just some extra cash, we all have something that we don't want others to take. In this project I'll teach you how to make a storage compartment in the one place a burglar doesn't suspect; behind a clock.


Materials for this project include:

  • an analogue clock ( I got mine from Amazon-

  • small metal container (I used an altoids can)
  • black spray paint
  • masking tape
  • paper towel
  • hot glue
  • 2 small flat head nails
  • a sheet of thin clear plastic
  • a silver metallic sharpie

Step 1: Making the Money Container

The first thing you need to do is make sure the container fits behind the clock. You can test this by placing the clock on a flat surface and sliding the container underneath. If the clock becomes tilted and doesn't lie flat, the container is to big. Once you have your container, mask off the entire interior, and place a paper towel inside. This will insure that when you spray paint the container, no paint will coat the inside, overall giving it a more professional look. You can spray paint the container any color, but it's best to use the same color as the clock's backing in order for the container to blend in. Make sure you spray paint the container open so that way the hinges don't get stuck. Once finished, hot glue the container to the clocks back.

Step 2: Making Ring Holders

Taking a clear sheet of plastic, cut out two circles just large enough to slide a ring through. Hot glue your two screws to the back of the plastic circles. Once completed, using a silver metallic sharpie, evenly space and draw two dots. Finally put a generous amount of hot glue on each dot and firmly place down the end of the nail without the plastic.

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