DIY SuperPlane

Introduction: DIY SuperPlane

This plane is designed to travel far and will be created from 4 pieces of paper and one sheet of balsa wood. It will take about two hours to assemble, but this is mostly waiting for glue to dry if you use Elmer glue. Hot glue will work as well, and will reduce assembly time. Other required items include; tape, scissors, and an exact-o knife.

Step 1: Body of the Superplane

For the body fold the paper the long way, open it up and fold the top corners down so the edges are even with the center fold. Then fold the top point to half way down the corner fold. Next fold the outside pieces so the corners meet at the same point about an inch under the point from the previous step. Now fold the paper over so the two edges are touching. Then fold the paper down with about a half inch of the bottom remaining. Next tape the top of the plane with a three inch strip.

Step 2: The Main Wing (Flying Wing)

First fold the top corner so that the two edges are flush. Next fold the two bottom corners up so that they meet the top fold. Then repeat the steps above so you have two. Lastly flip one upside down and tape then.

Step 3: Tail Fin

First cut out two pieces that have a top width of 1.5 inches and a bottom width of 2.5 inches. This should be 5 inches tall. Connect the right corners with a diagonal line. Then line the outside of one cutout with balsa sticks and glue it and then glue the other cutout on the other side, let the glue dry. Lastly, tape the edges so that air won't be able to get in between the paper and the balsa wood.

Step 4: Tail Wings

Cut out two pieces with a top width off 1.5 inches and a bottom of 2.5 inches. The height should be 4.5 inches. Next connect the top right corner with the bottom right corner forming a diagonal line. Then flip one over and glue balsa sticks around the outside of each.

Step 5: Balsa Frame

First cut out a 2 inch by 15 inch rectangle of balsa wood. Lastly, cut one end at 90 degrees so that it's tip matches the main wing's tip.

Step 6: Complete Assembly

First glue main wing to the balsa frame making sure the tips line up before you glue. Next, glue the body to the balsa frame making sure the angled corners line up with the angle of the frame. Then glue the tail fin in the middle of the balsa frame all the way in the back. Now tape the bottom and put a long piece of tape from the top of the fin to the balsa frame. Then glue the two tail wings to the underside all the way in the back with the diagonal side facing forward and the balsa wood facing down.

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