Introduction: DIY Survival Kit

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Hello! If you're reading this, you will learn how to make a survival kit that could change the outcome of life or death. I am in boy scouts and know that these items would be very useful if you get lost. I saw that in the brave the elements contest, there was no survival kit that included most to all of the necessary items needed in a survival kit, so I made this instructable my top priority! This kit includes a life straw, which is a water purification device, flint and steel, a pocket knife, fire starters, paracord, first aid equipment, a whistle, an emergency blanket, and a mirror. These items are necessary in surviving, from getting clean water to signaling a aircraft above your location. Please leave a comment on improvements or additions to this survival kit!! Thanks!

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

You will need;

- a container to hold everything

- a water purification device or water purification chemicals (I choose a life straw)

- flint and steel

- a pocket knife

- fire starters (i.e: cotton balls, dryer lent, etc.)(my flint and steel has a pocket for this)

- paracord

- first aid equipment (i.e: band-aids, gauze, neosporin, etc.)

- a whistle (mine is attached to the flint and steel)

- an emergency blanket

- and a mirror or a way to reflect light (my pocket knife reflects light)

Step 2: Why Are These Items Necessary?

These items are mandatory in a survival kit because they will aid you in survival if you get lost or if you just need one or a few of the items in it for day-to-day use. The life straw is if you get lost, and there is no clean source of water. It is to purify the nasty undrinkable water into something you can drink. Flint and steel is needed to start a fire to keep yourself warm, and cook. You need a pocket knife for many things such as whittling a useful tool, or capturing food. Fire starters are a necessity in a survival kit because you need help to start that pesky fire. Paracord can be uses for a variety of things like making a trap or to set up your shelter. First aid equipment is necessary because you have to keep your scrapes and wounds clean, so they don't get infected. A whistle is needed if you get lost to call for help. Three short blows of the whistle means help me. You need a emergency blanket to keep warm overnight or really any time. It can also be used as a tarp/shelter builder. And finally, you need a mirror or way to reflect light to catch the attention of a pilot flying overhead.

Step 3: Packing It All Together!

Now it is time to pack all your survival items into one survival kit! Make sure the most important items are at the top so you can access them easily! To make extra space, wear the life straw around your neck, and make a paracord bracelet to wear! You can also wrap the container in ductape or label it!

Thanks for reading!!!

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