DIY Survival Zipper Pull for Your Backpack




Introduction: DIY Survival Zipper Pull for Your Backpack

This will show you how to make a mini survival kit that you can hang on your bag and also use as a handy zipper pull.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

What you will need
•Extra large straws
•at least 29 inches of paracord
•about 2 inches of wire
•small survival items such as matches or fishing line, hook and split shot weights or needle and thread

•needle nose pliers
•tape measure or ruler

Step 2: Para Cord

You will need about 29 inches of paracord. Cut it and then burn the ends to keep from fraying later.

Step 3: Straw

Cut the straw to 2 1/2 inches and then holding the end tightly with a needle nose pliers, burn about 1/8 of an inch off the end to seal it.

Step 4: Survival Supplies

For my survival kit,I am using 4 matches and a bit of the striker but you can also do needle and thread. I’ve done 10 feet of fishing line, one hook and one split shot lead weight. For this project, I did have to cut the matches because they were a little bit too long. Remember that whatever you put in there has to be 2 inches or less.

Step 5: Sealing Your Straw

Before you seal the straw, take the two inches of wire and twist them into a shape like this. A circle with a line down the middle. Then put your survival supplies in the straw. If you’re having trouble getting them all the way down, I found a Q-tip used as a plunger will help get them all the way down in the straw. Once you get them all the way down, grab the open end with your needle nose pliers and seal the other end with a lighter.

Step 6: Cobra Knot

Written directions for the cobra knot are confusing, just look up a tutorial on YouTube!

Step 7: Success

Now just attach it to any zipper on a purse or backpack and you have a little survival kit or sewing kit wherever you go. You can use more paracord or wire to attach it.

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    The Phoenix of Khan
    The Phoenix of Khan

    Tip 4 years ago

    You can get mini Ferrocerium rods and whistles that can work with paracord. Also, replace matches with fish hooks, safety pins and a magnetised needle. Another consideration is replacing regular paracord with fire-cord or Survivor cord. Wazoo survival gear sells cool ceramic blades and high-quality button compasses. Very clever with the wire, perhaps doubling it over to have a supply of snare wire. Water is very important, so wrap the straw with a water purification tablet encased in heavy-duty foil. Waterproof with a ziplock bag.